Khloe Kardashian Wins Fireworks Lawsuit, Blasts Kylie For Stealing Her Style While Rob Diagnosed With Diabetes [Video]

A lawsuit filed against Khloe Kardashian over a fireworks display has been dropped. Last October, Khloe was accused of “traumatizing” a neighbor and upsetting his dog with the fireworks she set off during a birthday party for boyfriend James Harden.

Kardashian hotly contested the fireworks, which were set off at midnight to mark Harden’s 26th birthday, did nothing of the sort. However, the neighbor, James Ferguson, asserted in court documents that the loud noises created by the fireworks startled his dog. The neighbor was suing for $7,500 in damages in a small-claims Los Angeles, California court, claiming that the fireworks were “a disturbance that harmed our family and pet.”

According to TMZ, at the time, Khloe, James, and the other party guests watched the fireworks from a boat just outside Marina del Rey, and thousands of locals were not amused by the loud noises that late at night.

Luckily for Khloe, she won during her day in court. The case was dropped after the neighbor failed to show up at the appointed day and time.

While Khloe won her fireworks lawsuit, things aren’t so smooth between her and sister, Kylie. There were some recent fireworks between the two Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars after Khloe accused Kylie of stealing her style.

Kylie, who is in the limelight just a little bit more than Khloe, is still figuring out her own style, and since the KUWTK women are always around each other, they pick up each other’s fashion. Khloe has had her own style for a while, and it seems Kylie sometimes looks a little too much like Khloe. However, everyone thinks Kardashian is copying her little sister since fans usually see Kylie, who loves the limelight, first.

In a recent clip of the reality show, Khloe accuses Kylie of copying her fashion trends. In the clip, Khloe sarcastically tells her little sister that it’s “OK, Kylie, it’s OK. Steal my blonde hair, steal my bathing suit,” while the pair are sitting in a luxury vehicle chatting.

During the discussion, fireworks blew up as Khloe reassured Jenner that “[e]veryone thinks I’m copying you, but it’s OK.” According to the Daily Mail, Khloe is referring to a black studded bathing suit she wore in a photo from her new book, Strong Looks Better Naked, which was released last August. Before the book launched, however, Kylie had snatched the same black bathing suit and wore it out to a New York City club as a top, pairing it with some black jeans.

Khloe also had some words for her brother, Rob, who has struggled with his weight over the years. No stranger to being heavy herself, Kardashian was able to slim down to a healthy weight using exercise, and most of all, motivation.

Her brother, however, hasn’t been so lucky. He reportedly was doing much better, according to his family, but it seems he’s gained the weight back and has been diagnosed diabetes. On her blog, Khloe wrote that she reminded her brother, who at one time lived with her, that “the best form of revenge is a good body” and that it’s easy to feel like a “badass” after a break up when you work out.

Rob has apparently moved out of his sisters house, however, and his family is quite worried about him. According to Entertainment Tonight, Rob had been warned that diabetes was a possibility for years, and now he’s been diagnosed with the disease. A source close to the Kardashians revealed that Rob is again “very overweight and hasn’t been working out.”

What do you think? Will fireworks between Khloe Kardashian and Rob soon explode over his weight? Is Khloe copying Kylie? Leave your comment below!

[Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]