New Patch To ‘The Sims 4’ Adds Movie Posters, Fixes Repairman

In the first patch to The Sims 4 of the year, players will find a few new additions, a few repairs, and a few changes to the way Sims behave. The small but welcome patch adds eight new movie posters and changes the way Sims act when neighbors do something inappropriate. Additionally, the repairman feature received a few needed fixes, and players should no longer be able to upload something to the Gallery that was created by another user.

Although brief, the patch notes for the latest update to The Sims 4 can be found at The full list of notes includes all of the changes listed above as well as a few others players might be interested in. Players should notice a few differences in the way their Sims react to certain situations, for instance. If a Sim is acting inappropriately inside another Sim’s home, the owner might now ask the visiting Sim to leave. Another behavior change to Sims in the update is the way they act when a fight breaks out. A friend of a Sim in a fight might cheer for their friend to win while a nemesis might cheer if they are defeated.

Most notably, though, players can find new movie posters in the decoration option of the buy mode. These new decoration options are available for free to any player that downloads the latest update. Eight new movie posters are included with subject matter like in-game movies “Still Life” and “Malpractice” according to the official site.

The new décor comes straight to The Sims 4 after the reveal of the “Movie Hangout Stuff” pack announced yesterday. The new pack will add the new Movie Projector Screen and Popcorn Popper items with which Sims can interact. The upcoming pack is all about having the perfect movie night with the giant screen, savory snacks, and comfortable furniture. As the Inquisitr reported, the “Movie Hangout Stuff” pack is ready to release on January 12. Like previously released stuff packs, “Movie Hangout Stuff” will cost $9.99.

The Sims 4
Sims watching a movie in The Sims 4 [Image via Electronic Arts]
The latest update to The Sims 4 also includes a few fixes to the repairman. The service should no longer bug during an active session and not be available after a player switches which household is active. A fix to the repairman on retail lots was also part of this patch. Sims should also be able to get to children on the jungle gym now, and upgrading the DJ booth should successfully happen without stealing the upgrade parts if it fails for some reason.

A few updates to the Gallery also occurred in today’s patch. A fix to overlapping UI elements making the Library section of the interface inaccessible is not rectified. Also, players should no longer be able to download something from the Gallery and then re-upload it as their own creation. This should keep an owner or player’s ID intact after a player downloads their creation, stopping another player from essentially stealing it.

The Sims 4
A couple of Sims flirting in The Sims 4 [Image via Electronic Arts]
New items are often added to The Sims 4 via free updates or paid packs. The new posters that accompany the latest patch are one example of free items being added to the game. The upcoming “Movie Hangout Stuff” pack, on the other hand, is an instance of new objects being added for a fee. Other free updates to The Sims 4 include the added world of Newcrest and new items being added to the free “Holiday Celebration Pack.” Of course, the game continually patches with new changes and updates to the way Sims behave like the changes seen in the most recent update. Sim characters have also been updated to react to fire and death more appropriately, in addition to new ways to react to infidelity and more.

[Image via Electronic Arts]

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