New ‘Movie Hangout Stuff’ Pack Releasing Next Week For ‘The Sims 4’

With the release of the second expansion about a month of ago, players of The Sims 4 have been busy building and exploring the new world of Windenburg. After all, Sims are hanging out with their Clubs, trying out new walk-in closets, and visiting the ruins. Developers of the simulation title, though, were also hard at work bringing another stuff pack to The Sims 4. The fifth stuff pack, announced today on the official site, is coming to the game next week.

The “Movie Hangout Stuff” pack is geared toward The Sims 4 players looking to bring a movie night to their Sims. The stuff pack is filled with colorful new items and décor, including decidedly “bohemian” flair to furniture and clothes. Several of the new items and clothes can be previewed in the trailer released today as well. The new furniture includes new drapes, new comfortable seating, and even a potted plant. There even appears to be a cushion seat just waiting to be used by a Sim enjoying a new movie.

The Sims 4
Watching the Movie Projector Screen in ‘The Sims 4’ [Image via Maxis/The Sims Studio]
Unlike the latest expansion “Get Together,” a stuff pack like “Movie Hangout Stuff” will not add a new neighborhood or any grandiose features to the game. However, the considerably cheaper stuff pack will add a number of objects, clothes, and items to the game. Like previous stuff packs, “Movie Hangout Stuff” will also add a few new objects that Sims can use during gameplay. This includes the movie projector screen and the popcorn popper. The former is, obviously, the giant screen perfect for watching a few movies, with the latter being an appliance ready to cook a Sim’s favorite popcorn, whether it’s kettle, butter, cheddar, or caramel.

Naturally, savvy players of The Sims 4 will wonder how the new movie projector screen is any different from enlarging a television through the game’s commands. The movie projector screen does not only boast a larger viewing area, it also come equipped with new movies. Sims will watch 10 new movies with the projector in genres like action, comedy, romance, horror, and family. It seems like these movies will also be available on other televisions in The Sims 4 if the player owns “Movie Hangout Stuff,” too. This stuff pack will be available on January 12.

Downloadable content, also known as packs, for The Sims 4 are rather frequent. With three types of packs to purchase, players can pick and choose between them to create truly unique homes, Sims, and neighborhoods. Expansion packs are the most costly of the group, adding major gameplay changes and a wealth of new objects and items. Game packs add a little less than an expansion pack but offer more items or features than a stuff pack provides. Stuff packs are generally comprised of a variety of items with a couple of objects with which Sims can interact. All of these packs go on sale often, and players of The Sims 4 wishing to save a little cash need only wait. All three types of DLC do go on sale intermittently via Origin as well as the base game.

The Sims 4
Sims showing off items in the ‘Spooky Stuff’ pack [Image via Maxis/The Sims Studio]
The preceding stuff pack released was the “Spooky Stuff” pack in late September. It provides a number of items to celebrate the Halloween holiday, including a spooky candy bowl and the pumpkin carving station. As the Inquisitr reported, items in the “Spooky Stuff” pack can be used year-round. Sims can use the outfits, decorations, or unique objects whenever they please. Other stuff packs include “Cool Kitchen Stuff,” “Perfect Patio Stuff,” and “Luxury Party Stuff.” These are defined by their titles including objects most players would expect from their name. A list of included items in each pack can be found on The Sims website. The page for “Movie Hangout Stuff” is not available at the time of this writing.

[Image via Maxis/The Sims Studio]

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