Xbox One ‘Neverwinter’ Expanding With ‘Underdark’ In February

On February 9, the Xbox One version of Neverwinter will update with the “Underdark” expansion. This module is the eighth expansion to the game and will give players a chance to battle alongside Drizzt Do’Urden. In this module, Neverwinter players are tasked with the Rage of Demons story arc where they will eventually encounter a new 10-player battle. The expansion also features a quest called “The Dwarven King” written by R.A. Salvatore. Salvatore’s latest novel even leads up to the Rage of Demons storyline in Neverwinter.

“Underdark” includes a new hub zone, two new skirmishes, the new story-driven content, new heroic encounters, and much more. In the upcoming 10-player raid, players will fight the demon lord named Demogorgon with the aid of Drizzt Do’Urden, Regis, and Bruenor Battlehammer, according to the official website. Moreover, the update will accompany a few changes to the Tarmalune Trade Bar Store. Players will be able to preview things before purchasing them, and prices of most content are being heavily reduced. Not to mention, players will earn double refinement rate when refining Artifact Weapons into Artifact Equipment after the update goes live.

Neverwinter on the Xbox One, although completely separate from the PC version of the MMORPG, will be on the same module as the PC version after the “Underdark” update. When the Xbox One version launched, it still lacked several expansions that were already live on the PC version. Since its release in early 2015, Neverwinter on Xbox One received several updates to add the missing content. Five expansions were added to the game on Xbox One over the last several months and it is now only a few months behind on current updates. Players on both platforms can rest assured that more modules are coming, but none have been announced at this time. Xbox One players can download and play Neverwinter for free; however, a subscription to Xbox Live Gold is required to access the game.

The Xbox One version of Neverwinter recently added unicorns and more elf races in December. The Knight of the Feywild Pack includes all of the additions for one price, too. As the Inquisitr reported, the Moon Elf race, a Dawn Unicorn mount, the Slyph Companion character, an extra character slot, and other items are part of the pack. Players just looking to pick up a unicorn mount can do so by purchasing the darker Dusk Unicorn mount available in the Zen Market. The Knight of the Feywild pack is $60 while the lone Dusk Unicorn mount costs 4,000 Zen in the Zen Market. If a player were to purchase 5,000 Zen to buy the mount, it would cost about $37.

Neverwinter The Slyph companion in Neverwinter [Image via Perfect World Entertainment]Of course, players have a way to make Zen within the game by refining Astral Diamonds. Simply playing Neverwinter and completing every day activities will reward the player with Rough Astral Diamonds. After refining them, Astral Diamonds can be traded to other players for Zen. The Zen purchased is just Zen players have bought and wish to trade for Astral Diamonds making it the perfect way to buy premium items without spending real money. There are a few limitations of the system, of course. Players can only earn so many Rough Astral Diamonds and there is a limit to how many can be refined each day; however, the system is still an easy way to make store items more accessible.

Neverwinter players on Xbox One can also enjoy a weekend refinement sale going on now. In addition to the 15 percent off sale in the refinement category, players can also earn double the RP during the event. This bonus to, and sale for, refinement will only be available over the weekend with an ending date on Monday morning. The double points and sale end on January 11, according to the post on the Arc Games website.

Neverwinter A player riding the Dawn Unicorn [Image via Perfect World Entertainment][Image via Perfect World Entertainment]