Gwen Stefani Hints At Song About Blake Shelton On Twitter, Miranda Lambert’s True Feelings About Gwen And Blake Revealed

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are both busy writing and recording new songs, so they’ve come up with a creative way to get their flirt on. Now that The Voice is over, the coaches can’t make eyes at one another at work, so they’re using Twitter to share their romance with the world. The “tweethearts” have been very amorous on social media as of late, so some of Miranda Lambert’s followers may be wondering if the “Little Red Wagon” singer is regretting her decision to follow Gwen Stefani on Twitter.

According to E! News, Gwen Stefani just couldn’t resist gushing about Blake’s greatness after he won Favorite Male Country Artist at the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night. Blake Shelton took to Twitter to thank his fans for the honor, and he also let them know he was grateful that The Voice scored an award for Favorite Competition TV Show.

A proud Gwen Stefani responded to Blake’s tweet with a lot of “country” emojis, including a horse, gun, chicken, and mug of beer. She let Blake know that she thought his win was “rad,” and she used the hashtag #everybodylovesblake to let Twitter know that she’s dating one of the most popular men in the music industry.

Blake Shelton later returned the favor when Gwen Stefani used Twitter to let her fans know that she’s working on new music. After Gwen shared a photo that was taken in the studio, Blake tweeted that the tune that she’s working on is definitely going to be a hit. Gwen reacted to her boyfriend’s flattery by dropping a hint about what her new song is going to be about.

So did Gwen Stefani just try her hand at recording a country tune, or will her new song about a certain cowboy have a snythpop sound like her recent ballad, “Used to Love You”? Gwen Stefani’s “Used to Love You” collaborators, Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, are with her in the studio photo above, so Gwen probably hasn’t gone country yet. However, Blake has her rocking camouflage and shopping at Western wear stores, so maybe someday you’ll hear the twang of banjo or the wail of a steel guitar in a Stefani song.

Back in September, Gwen told ETonline that she had more than a dozen songs ready for her third solo studio album. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton started dating two months after this revelation, and there’s a good chance that this new romance sent Gwen’s creative juices flowing in another direction – she probably decided that she wanted her album to include a song or two about her blossoming romance with Blake.

Gwen Stefani is so crazy about her cowboy that she recently called him “funny and cute” after he took to Twitter to complain about being “on the cover of every shi**y ass tabloid known to man.” Gwen’s sweet tweet seemingly made Blake Shelton feel a bit better about his new status as a tabloid darling.

Miranda Lambert started following Gwen Stefani on Christmas Eve, so all of these flirty Twitter exchanges are showing up on the timeline. However, Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend, southern soul singer Anderson East, is recovering from a nasty skiing accident, so Miranda has probably been too busy playing nurse to notice Gwen and Blake’s recent bout of Twitter flirting.

Even if Miranda Lambert did see Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s social media lovefest, it probably wouldn’t bother her – according to a recent report, Miranda actually doesn’t mind the way her ex and his new ladylove are piling on the PDA every chance they get. A source told E! News that Miranda and Gwen are actually big fans of each other’s work, and they “respect each other as artists.” In other words, Miranda Lambert wasn’t trying to stalk or intimidate Gwen Stefani by following her on Twitter – she was extending a social media olive branch to the new woman in Blake’s life.

“Miranda is happy that they are doing well and wishes the best for them,” the E! News source revealed.

The source went on to say that Gwen Stefani is thrilled that Miranda Lambert has also found love – she’s not the vindictive type who wants to see her boyfriend’s ex suffer simply because she used to hold a special place in his heart.

“Gwen thinks it’s great that Miranda is dating and in a happy place! Gwen is not the kind of women to be catty at all, and she avoids drama at all accounts.”

Do you believe that there’s really no drama between Gwen Stefani and Miranda Lambert?

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]