Hairdresser Who Blasted Bar For ‘Ruining’ New Year’s Eve By Helping Heart Attack Victim Is Fired

A hairdresser who ranted on Facebook about bar staff ruining her New Year’s Eve celebration by helping a heart attack victim instead of tending to her needs has been fired. The hairdresser, Holly Jones, took to Facebook after a New Year’s Eve celebration to voice her disdain for Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill in Indianapolis after workers in the bar spent their time helping a heart attack victim instead of serving her table. Jones noted that her table spent $700 in the bar and should have been treated accordingly. However, the “cold-hearted” post didn’t sit well with very many people, and it seems that it didn’t sit well with Holly’s boss either.

The Daily Mail reports that Holly Jones has been fired from her job at the Serenity Salon after her Facebook rant against the Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill.

The angry bar patron took to Facebook to note her outrage for the way staff handled her table while attempting to tend to a heart attack victim. Holly noted in her Facebook rant that a manager told her someone dying was more important than their service which made her feel like her business didn’t matter.

“The manager also told us someone dying was more important then us being there making us feel like our business didn’t matter.”

Holly Jones Facebook Kilroy's
A screenshot of the rant posted to the Kilroy’s Facebook page before it was deleted.

As a result, Jones demanded an apology from the bar owner, stating that her night was “ruined” by a “junkie” who overdosed in the restaurant. However, the restaurant owner wasn’t having any of it and quickly pointed out that the “junkie” was a woman suffering from a heart attack as she enjoyed New Year’s Eve with her husband and son. The 57-year-old woman fortunately survived the ordeal, but the manager pointed out that Holly likely didn’t care about the woman’s outcome as she was more concerned about her tab than a dying woman.

The manager, Chris Burton, responded in a manner that left many saying they will definitely be coming to Kilroy’s if they are ever in the Indianapolis area. Read the response here.

Following the rant, Holly Jones deleted her Facebook page after a series of posts calling her “cold-hearted.” However, Holly’s troubles didn’t end on New Year’s Eve or on Facebook for that matter. It appears that Holly also lost her job at Serenity Salon for the outburst.

Sharon Smith, a spokeswoman for the salon, spoke with the Daily Mail and noted that Holly was no longer with the company but would not provide any further explanation. She would not reveal if the Facebook post had anything to do with the firing, but it was noted that a $500 donation was made to the heart attack victim’s medical fund by the salon, indicating that they did not agree with Holly’s actions.

Though the salon did not officially come out and say that Holly was fired for her harsh words about the heart attack victim, the company did post to Facebook, making it known that Holly’s actions do not represent the company as a whole.

“Serenity Salon is aware of the most recent negative publicity surrounding one of our Booth Rent Stylist. The posting to Kilroy’s Facebook page, allegedly by one of our Booth Rent Stylist, in no way represents the views of Serenity Salon or any of our staff. We are saddened by the events that took place that evening and will continue to pray for the woman who suffered a heart attack at this establishment on New Year’s Eve. This was not a company event and no other persons from Serenity Salon were present. This was the actions of one person and again do not reflect our views at Serenity Salon.”

The salon took it a step further by posting a link to the GoFundMe page setup for the heart attack victim’s medical expenses.

[Image via Facebook/ Kilroy’s Downtown Indy]

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