New details, image and video of Neda Iran emerge

New details, an image and video of slain Iranian protester Neda Iran have found their way online.

According to reports from inside Iran, Neda was a 27 year old philosophy student who was attending the protests with her lecturer and fellow students. The reports claim that she was seemingly shot at random by a member of the Iranian Basij volunteer militia who drove past on a motorbike. The image above is said to show Neda Iran, real name Neda Agha Soltan posing for a identity document.

The new video (below) of Neda shows her before being shot. I think AllahPundit at HotAir put it so well:

I hope to god this isn’t really her…because the thought of her being so beautiful and dignified makes the murder somehow that much more obscene….If there’s any justice, there’ll be videos like this of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad someday soon.

For the original video, see Neda Iran video.