'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Chad Makes A Move Against Andre, Ava Sets Up Steve, And Rafe Tries To Get A Step Ahead Of Hope

This has been a big week on Days of Our Lives and spoilers indicate that the drama will continue on Thursday's show. As viewers saw on Wednesday, Daniel passed away and his heart went to Brady. Eric remains in dire condition. There was good news for Chad and Abby fans, as he finally remembered how much he loves her. Where are things headed in the January 7 show?

Now that Chad has been able to break through the brainwashing Andre did to him, he is determined to regain control of his life. She Knows Soaps shares that during this episode, Chad will turn the tables and do something to deceive Stefano and Andre. It seems that he will continue to pretend to be brainwashed, but he is no longer playing along with Andre's evil plans.

While "Chabby" has been through a lot of tough times these past few months, they are on a better track now. Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that Chad and Abigail will finally be able to breathe a bit, as they work to put Andre and Stefano in their places and enjoy their new baby.

There is even said to be an engagement, and possibly a wedding, coming soon for Abby and Chad. Unfortunately, there are also some changes coming sometime in the spring that will shake things up to some degree for this couple. It is not known quite yet how this will be handled, but it sounds as if Chabby fans should embrace the couple's happiness while it lasts.

Thursday's show also brings some tender moments between Belle and Philip, as Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that he will be comforting her as she opens up to him. Belle is in a rough place these days, with both Eric and Brady in the hospital after the accident and her divorce from Shawn looming. While Shawn will be returning to Salem very soon, could romance blossom again between Philip and Belle in the meantime?

Viewers will also see more from Ava in this show, as she sets up Steve to "discover" her secret. While Ava has been working hard to make it seem as if she is a gravely ill woman back in town to set things right, DOOL fans know that is nowhere near the reality of the situation. Just what is Ava trying to accomplish in this return? Will Steve believe what Ava sets him up to find?

There is also plenty ahead related to Hope and her quest for revenge in Thursday's show. She believes that the DiMeras are responsible for Bo's kidnapping and she will likely stop at nothing to find out the truth. This concerns Rafe a great deal, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Rafe will be questioning Andre to try to piece things together.

It is said that a huge confrontation between Hope and Stefano is coming on Friday's show and this could lead to explosive consequences. Chloe also returns during Friday's show after she learns of Daniel's death. While Chloe won't be sticking around Salem for long in this initial return, it is said that she will be back again soon for an ongoing stint.

Meanwhile, there is plenty more ahead for Eric as he battles for survival. While Greg Vaughan will be leaving Days of Our Lives soon, he is expected to be sticking around until sometime this spring, and it is expected that the door will be left open for a return. Daniel's death will be leading to a lot of heartbreak and drama throughout Salem and Days of Our Lives fans can't wait to see what's coming next.

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