‘Affluenza’ Teen Used His Rolex As Collateral When He Couldn’t Pay Strip Club Tab In Mexico

Just when it seemed that the Couch family in the middle of the “affluenza teen” case could not get any more distasteful, infomati0n has now been released about how Ethan Couch spent his free time in Mexico. It seems he would go drinking, and keep company with strippers and hookers. Considering that part of Couch’s probation was to stay away from alcohol, it is a crime that he would spend time drinking

According to the Inquisitr, Ethan and Tonya Couch fled Texas in her pickup truck, and headed down to Mexico where they at first stayed at a resort, and then moved to a cheap apartment building, where they were finally caught. They reportedly had a going away party before hitting the road. Ethan Couch was due in court for violating his probation by drinking while playing beer pong with friends. Couch is still under the drinking age, so he was once again breaking the law.


The New York Daily News reported that Ethan Couch had to use his Rolex as collateral when he found himself short of money to pay his tab at a bar and strip joint. His bill for lap dances and alcohol exceeded $1,000, so Couch left his watch to go back to the resort and get more money from his mother who was reported to be sleeping. A source in Mexico saw someone from the club escort Couch back for the additional money.

“A waiter had taken the teen to his hotel early on the morning of Dec. 24 when an extremely drunk Couch and his mother Tonya discovered they did not have enough dough to cover the bill.”

It seems Couch was more than $300 short, not including a tip.

“Ethan Couch handed over the Rolex with the promise that that he would cover the debt the next day, according to ABC News. While the club was closed Christmas Eve and Christmas, no one at Harem saw Ethan or his mother at the club again.”

The Daily Mail reported that more poor planning left Ethan Couch without enough money to pay his own strip club tab without help from his mother.

Harem Club owner Eduardo Dudinez claims that he saw Couch there almost every night, but did not report him to authorities.

“But then, we asked the top management what we should say if we were asked by the press and they told us we not should say anything,” he added. “So if I did know anything I wouldn’t tell you!”

It seems that Dudinez does not report on customers, as it would hurt business.

“We get all types of people in here, from senators to El Chapo Guzman,” said Dudinez, referring to the infamous drug lord who has twice escaped Mexican prisons.”So saying anything about our clients could kill our business.”

Dudinez said it is not uncommon for a customer to come up short, and so they are escorted somewhere to get additional funds.

“It is our policy to escort the man back to his hotel or to an ATM machine to get our money if they don’t have it with them,” said Dudinez.

Ethan and Tonya Couch left the resort the next day without telling anyone that they were leaving. They also left their hand gun behind in a drawer when they went back on the run. Tony Couch is currently being sent back to Texas to face charges, while Ethan Couch is fighting deportation from Mexico back to Texas.

Does any of this surprise you about Ethan and Tonya Couch?

[Photo courtesy of Mexico Prosecutors Office/AP]