Johannah Deakin: Louis Tomlinson’s Mom Shows Why She Is His Number One Fan

Louis Tomlinson has been treated abominably by some elements of the media in recent months. One Direction star Louis has been subjected to a host of stories that have shown him in a bad light. Sadly for Tomlinson, some of the reporting has stretched the truth to a ridiculous degree. Many of Tomlinson’s fans believe that the rot set in for Louis after Dan Wootton wrote his now infamous article in the Sun.

Mr. Wootton chose to release his article to coincide with the end of One Direction’s latest world tour, and in it he laid much of the blame for One Direction’s temporary split at Tomlinson’s feet. It was claimed that Louis and bandmate Harry Styles could not abide being in the same room with each other. Louis was blamed for bad business decisions, for manipulating his band-mates and, almost laughably, for manipulating Simon Cowell into giving him his own record label. Many people will find it impossible to believe that anyone, much less 24-year-old Louis Tomlinson, is able to manipulate Mr. Cowell.

Since that article was published, it has been open season on Louis. At the end of November, while Louis and One Direction were on a promotional tour for their fifth album, Made In The A.M., the Mirror reported that Louis was a single man. At that time there were no stories suggesting that Tomlinson was dating Danielle Campbell. In December, the same outlet ran a headline suggesting that Louis had “dumped his pregnant girlfriend Brian Jungwirth.” Ironically, in the same story, the writer suggested that “the relationship between Louis and Briana has always been denied.”

Since then, we have seen rumors about Louis partying and numerous stories claiming that Tomlinson is dating Danielle Campbell. Those stories invariably mention the claim that Louis is expecting a child with Briana. The clear implication is that Tomlinson is a serial womanizer and a deadbeat dad.

Last week, a host of outlets including the Daily Mail ran a story claiming that Tomlinson had been “kicked out” of a London Comedy club. It appears what actually happened was that one of Tomlinson’s friends was rude to the club manager when asked to keep quiet. Louis’ friend was asked to leave and Tomlinson and the rest of the party followed the friend out. Louis even stopped to pose for photographs with friends.

As the new year approached, it did begin to look like everything was weighing heavily on Louis. As reported in Inquisitr, Louis looked tired, pale, and drawn as he was photographed leaving a London club. There was even a suggestion that marks on Tomlinson’s left arm could be the result of self-harm.

Many of Louis’ fans have become increasingly upset by the way that Tomlinson has been portrayed by some sections of the media. As a result, the most important fan of them all, his mom Johannah Deakin, has spoken up to defend Louis.

Johannah took to Twitter to reveal how much the negativity was affecting Tomlinson and his family. Louis’ mum began by talking about his legendary generosity. Johannah revealed that Louis’ first wage on X-Factor was just £55 ($90), and he sent £25 ($40) home to her.

Johannah went into a series of posts explaining that she doesn’t speak out but that she is hurt by the “horrid untruths” that Louis is subjected to. Johannah went on to explain that one day she may be able to tell her side of Louis’ story. Mrs. Deakin clearly believes that Louis should be recognized for the amazing work he does for charity. She revealed how Louis researched little gifts that would be appreciated by a terminally ill little boy and arranged for the little gifts to be left on the boy’s hotel room pillow.

Let’s not forget that Tomlinson is a huge supporter of charities, especially those for sick children. Tomlinson reportedly donated $3 million of his own money to the Believe In Magic charity. Tomlinson has shown time and again that he has a huge heart. He cares deeply about people, his family, and his fans. Of course, like anyone else on the planet, Tomlinson has his faults, but those faults are dwarfed by his kindness.

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