Cowgirl Jeneve Rose Mitchell With No Electricity To Wow Fans On ‘American Idol’

Jeneve Rose Mitchell actually lives with her family in Crawford, Colorado, in an area with no electricity or running water. Jeneve has lived there for the past eight years, and she is just 15. Mitchell explained a bit about how she lives to Fox 411.

“We can’t get power lines up there, so we use kerosene lanterns. And twice a week, during ‘American Idol’ season, we turn on a generator to get the TV going.”

Jeneve Rose Mitchell is obviously a fan of the show and excited to be on American Idol herself this season. During Jeneve’s audition, she will have a cello and sing the song Chainsaw, originally by The Band Perry. She can actually play the string bass, violin, cello, banjo, guitar, and harp. So you would assume that Jeneve Rose took lessons, but no, she actually taught herself to play them all. If she makes it on the live shows, you will probably see her play more than one instrument.

Where Jeneve Rose Mitchell lives, her nearest neighbor is 6 miles away and she spends her spare time playing music and training horses. Jeneve does have a few songs out on YouTube, as you can see above. Jeneve doesn’t go to traditional school and is actually homeschooled at this time. Her father is a carpenter and also serves as her voice coach. Her mom works as a health care provider and operates a local family clinic where they live. Here is some of what Jeneve Rose had to say about the way they live.

“It’s definitely lonely on the mountain sometimes. Me and my mom and my dad pretty much fend for ourselves on our ranch. Sometimes we go (back)packing. We are big campers.”

Jeneve Rose Mitchell doesn’t see herself as a typical teenager at all. She does have a cell phone, but she doesn’t chase boys or live a normal teenage lifestyle. Don’t expect her to be trying to find a boyfriend while she is competing on the show. She shared that she is just fine.

“I am not a stereotypical teen. I don’t use my phone that much or play video games. I don’t need a boyfriend. I got my horses and my music. That’s all I need.”

The Durango Herald shared that Jeneve Rose Mitchell actually made her debut performance there. She actually performs at the Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering regularly, and has been for the past three years. Her mother, Karen, shared that she performed Ring Of Fire for her audition, so this must be the song she sang before she made it back in front of the judges. Jeneve Rose Mitchell is going to be someone to watch tonight and see if she is able to get that golden ticket, making it through to Hollywood.

Jeneve Rose Mitchell will be just one of many who is auditioning tonight on the final season of American Idol. Do you think that she stands a chance to win the entire show? The spoilers are out on how far she makes it and the top 24 if you do want to know. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss Jeneve Rose Mitchell on American Idol on Fox. This will be the final season of the hit show.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]