Rosie Sanchez And Anderson Nunez Found Dead: Girl Killed Mom And Her Boyfriend, Police Say

Rosie Sanchez and Anderson Nunez were found dead, and the woman’s 15-year-old daughter has reportedly confessed to the double murder. The Sheepshead Bay couple were killed on December 28. The teen girl, identified by some media outlets as Destiny Garcia, told the 911 dispatcher that she had shot and stabbed her mother and boyfriend to death.

Rosie Sanchez, 38, also known as Rosa Sanchez, was found on the floor of her New York kitchen, covered in the blood of Anderson Nunez. Police investigators fond multiple knives and 5.380 shells inside the home, according to the Spreadit.

The girl who confessed to murdering her mother was accompanied by her dad when she spoke to Sheepshead Bay police investigators. Destiny Garcia steadfastly maintains that Anderson Nunez, 40, was sexually abusing her inside the home. The 15-year-old daughter also alleged that her mom, Rosie Sanchez, repeatedly ignored her cries for help. If the teen’s story is accurate, her mother also physically abused her.

The girl who killed her mom and the parent’s boyfriend, according to police, has been charged with two counts of murder and the possession of illegal weapons, the Examiner reports. The 15-year-old told police detectives that on the night of the double murders, she got into a fight with her mother after she once again refused to believe that Anderson Nunez was raping her.

The girl said that during the argument, she grabbed the gun out of her mother’s bedside table and fired at least two rounds into Rosie Sanchez. After her mother fell dead, the teen said she then shot her alleged rapist and stabbed him multiple times in the back.

A second teenager was reportedly in the apartment when the girl killed her mother and Nunez. Sheepshead Bay police officers are currently searching for the unidentified teenage boy. It is not yet known if the young man assisted with the murders of Rosie Sanchez and Anderson Nunez. The second teenager was reportedly out in the hallway and ran into the apartment after hearing sounds of a struggle when the girl shot her mother and then turned her rage on her accused rapist.

A New York Post report about the double murders stated that police reports indicate her male friend grabbed the gun and shot at Nunez, hitting him once in the back. After the shots were fired, Destiny said she stabbed her alleged abuser “over 30 times.”

After the murders, the teenage girl said she left the apartment complex in a car and headed to her father Rodolfo Richardson’s house. The bodies of her mother and Anderson Nunez were left to rot and decay inside the apartment for six days. Garcia reportedly told her father that she and her mother had been in an argument and she wanted to stay with him for a while. After going to New Year’s Eve at Times Square event, Destiny reportedly admitted what had happened to both a cousin and her father. The family members were able to convince her to turn herself into the police.

“She said basically it was the mother that actually was abusive to her, physically abusive to her, in the past,” commented NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce during an interview with the New York Post.

The detective went on to state the investigators are not buying the self-defense story put forth by Destiny Garcia. Boyce said that getting a gun and then shooting someone does not meet the definition of self-defense. Law enforcement investigators also stated that the girl who killed her mother and her boyfriend has altered her story concerning the motive. Police reports indicate that while she told relatives that Anderson Nunez had raped her on more than one occasion, she told the arresting officers that Rosie Sanchez was physically abusing her inside the home.

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