Unique Candle Provides A Magical Way To Say ‘Happy Birthday’

Are you looking for a unique candle to top a birthday cake this year? Tired of the same boring stick candles?

Perfect for the young and old at heart, the Magical Happy Birthday Candle is a fantastic cake topper you might want to check out. Although said to be geared toward children, the Magical Happy Birthday Candle has no doubt brought joy into the birthday celebrations of many adults as well.

Say “Happy Birthday” with a little extra spark this year. This candle will be sure to add more cheer to any birthday festivities you may be planning.

KHOU recently shared a report on how the candle works, and they enlisted the help of 5-year-old cousins Victoria Quintanilla and Sebastian Contreras, residents of Texas, to help them test the product out.

First, the report revealed the proper way to use the candle.

The flower-shaped device should be placed on the cake. Then, a stick that comes in the package should be lit to ignite the flame in the middle of the candle. After lighting it up, a flare in the center will spark — or shoot — to life and will light the remaining candles scattered on the petals. Fun music will play along as the flames flicker. The Magical Happy Birthday Candle will continue to spin while the music plays, and the music won’t stop until a tiny cable on top of the flower is snipped.

When KHOU tested the candle’s appeal on the two children, the kids definitely approved, even if they may have appeared a little shocked at first.

“My favorite part is the music,” said Quintanilla.

Her cousin enjoyed the part where the center of the candle flared to life and seemed to “blow up.”

The whole device costs about $5 (or less or more, depending on which product one uses, as there are many variations of the candle now) and is good for one-time use. As mentioned, the candle shoots out a large flame, so adult supervision is definitely recommended. The company behind the Magical Happy Birthday Candle told KHOU that the product should not be used in a building in where sprinkler systems can accidentally be activated.

Many variations of the birthday candle can be found on Amazon.

If you are looking for other ways to decorate a cake and make your loved one’s birthday something to remember, not too long ago Fox News also shared some unique birthday candle ideas. Be sure to check them out!

Some of the products mentioned included sparkler candles, fruit candles and DIY Martha Stewart candles.

These DIY wax animal candles will make any birthday a Happy Birthday. [Photo via marthastewart.com]

Of course, unique ways to say “Happy Birthday” do not end at the lighting of candles.

Spell it out with balloons, send a fun video or virtual message or create a customized banner. Use your imagination!

What are some unique ways you say “Happy Birthday” to the people you love? Feel free to share your ideas below.

[Image by magicalbirthdaycandle.com]