Amber Portwood Confronts Gary Shirley On Twitter During ‘Teen Mom OG’ Premiere

Amber Portwood has had her fair share of ups and downs since beginning the MTV series 16 & Pregnant. As the series progressed to Teen Mom and now Teen Mom OG, Portwood has faced some pretty serious life battles. From drugs and prison to a custody battle over her daughter Leah, Amber Portwood has been pressed to grow up and be an adult fast. As Season 2 of Teen Mom OG got underway earlier this week, it appeared that there was more going on with Leah than anyone knew about.


Fans watched as Amber Portwood was told that Leah didn’t want to see her. This was highly unusual, because even after her mom served time in prison, Leah was happy to see her when she got out. The time the two spend together is precious, and Portwood has always made sure she is doing things with and for Leah. When Gary Shirley called to say Leah was not wanting to see her mom, it really concerned Portwood. She made comments on the show that someone was getting in her head, and as it turns out, it may have been Shirley doing it. According to Us Weekly, Amber Portwood took to Twitter to lash out at Gary Shirley after receiving some negative tweets. In fact, she called him out over and over again, saying that he was telling Leah these things about her.

The relationship between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley has always been tumultuous. They have been fighting since the beginning, including times of violence. Portwood was caught on camera hitting Shirley when they were filming for MTV, which was the very start of her problems. Fans who have watched Portwood and Shirley since the beginning know the relationship was unhealthy at best. There were plenty of warning signs, but the two tried to stick it out. Portwood ended up turning to drugs, and spent 17 months in prison on domestic violence and drug charges. Now that she is out and sober, she is ready to be the mom Leah needs. In fact, Portwood took Shirley to court for joint custody and won. She has made a better life for herself and is now able to provide a stable environment for Leah.


Since Amber Portwood has been dating Matt Baier, Gary Shirley has been vicious. He attempted to embarrass her on Teen Mom OG by revealing the amount of children Baier had. While it caught Portwood off guard, it didn’t change their relationship. Since getting out of prison, Portwood has been focusing on positive changes. She has remained sober and now, she is working on taking off the excessive weight she has been carrying. According to People, Amber Portwood has decided to tackle weight loss because she is finally comfortable in her sobriety. She has made significant lifestyle changes and is on track to be ready for her October wedding.

Fans had hoped that Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley would be able to parent amicably. Seeing the nastiness on Teen Mom OG has been an eye-opener to viewers. While Portwood has toned herself down, there still seems to be some jealousy issues rooted in Shirley. He has also moved on with his life, but can’t seem to let Portwood be happy. He is currently married and fathered another little girl with his new wife. As the season goes on, fans will get to see how their dynamic evolves. It doesn’t seem like much has changed, since Portwood had to call out Shirley on Twitter for using Leah. The new custody agreement should help to balance things out, though. Shirley will no longer be able to use Leah against Portwood, and that will be a very good thing.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV]