Chloe Lukasiak Happy To Have Left 'Dance Moms', Will Maddie Ziegler Follow In Her Footsteps?

Since Chloe Lukasiak left Dance Moms in 2014, a lot has happened to the former Lifetime star. After leaving the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company (ALDC), she immediately signed up with Studio 19 Dance Complex and won several competitions, including the recent VIP Dance Nationals.

According to Bustle, Lukasiak has no regrets leaving Dance Moms. Although some thought that her career will plummet following her rift with ALDC coach Abby Miller, Chloe seems to be doing just fine on her own.

Apart from dancing, Lukasiak has also dabbled into modelling and acting. She was recently on the cover of Inside Dance magazine's November/December issue.

In the interview with the publication, the 14-year-old recounted what it was like winning the coveted Choice Dancer award at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.

"When I won, I didn't believe it. I was like 'No. It's not true.' I was blown away the entire time. When I was walking down the stage, I was terrified I would fall."

She Knows previously reported that fans of Maddie Ziegler were left in shock when she lost to Chloe Lukasiak. Given that the former had more exposure than Chloe, appearing in Sia's music video trilogy "Chandelier," "Elastic Heart," and "Big Girls Cry," as well as an episode of Pretty Little Liars, many assumed that the award was in the bag.

When Chloe and Maddie were both on Dance Moms, Miller has always pitted them against each other, with Ziegler almost always emerging as the winner. It has long been rumored that the ALDC coach has always been one of the reasons why Lukasiak decided to leave the Lifetime series.

Hollywood Life claimed that when Lukasiak won and beat Miller's favorite student, she was able to get back at her for years of unfair treatment. The outlet speculated that Chloe Lukasiak took the opportunity to threw shade at her former coach during her acceptance speech.

"To anyone who has ever been told that they can't do it, that they shouldn't do it, or they aren't good enough — ignore it. Do it anyways, and prove them wrong," she said.

The outlet pointed out that Chloe Lukasiak was talking about no other than Abby Lee Miller. During the past four seasons, she repeatedly told the dancer that she was not "good enough." Although there were a couple of times when Lukasiak beat Ziegler, the ALDC coach never failed to show preference towards the latter.

Speaking to Inside Dance, Lukasiak admitted that she felt relieved to be taking a break from competing. More than the awards and recognitions, she shared that she is more than happy to just perform in front of her fans.

"I just love going to the studio, filming videos. I mean dancing is more than just getting trophies."

Chloe Lukasiak also hinted that the show brought out the cast members' competitive nature.

"After I left Dance Moms, I went to a new studio. It was a little different. Before the show, competitions were always super fun, but after the show it was just really different. It just wasn't the same."
It seems like Lukasiak may not be the only one who is feeling the same way. Multiple reports suggest that other dancers were already thinking of leaving ALDC for Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

An insider also told Us Weekly that Maddie Ziegler will be leaving the show after season 6 to focus on her acting career. It was said that the dancer has "outgrown" reality television. Multiple producers have reportedly expressed interest in Ziegler after seeing her on Pretty Little Liars.

Do you think Chloe Lukasiak made the right decision by leaving Dance Moms? Will Maddie Ziegler follow in her footsteps? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo by Jerod Harris /Getty Images]