'Captain America: Civil War': Chris Evans Talks Steve Rogers' Moral Compass And Black Panther's Conflict Resolution

With Captain America: Civil War on its way, with friendships being challenged and sides being chosen, Chris Evans discusses the personal conflict involving Steve Rogers and how Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, seems to involve himself in revolving conflict. According to Evans, Captain America is for the first time faced with a moral dilemma, according to Comic Book Movie.

"This is one of the first times Steve doesn't know what side he's on or what the right answer is."
Since his first encounter with Nazis, Red Skull, and the Cosmic Cub/Tesseract event in Captain America: The First Avenger, comes a whole transformation on who really is really the enemy here. It was the general consensus that Nazis are bad back in World War 2, but with Hydra having taken over and now with the events at Sokovia having impacted the government's decision to put superheros under a close watch, it seems now there's a question in Rogers' mind of what's right and wrong.
Perspective for Captain America looks to have changed around him, and this time, nothing is black and white for him, as there are a lot of grey areas in the matter when it comes to the "Civil War" in the movie. So, doing the right thing seems to be a challenge for someone who is inherently by nature and by birth, good and structured. Evans expresses on how this Marvel movie content is rather relatable on many occasions, as it happens quite commonly.
"This conflict is more mirroring that which we deal with on a daily basis, where it's just different points of view. There's no clear right, no clear wrong, and it's hard for him to understand the right move."
Enter Black Panther, a.k.a. T'Challa of Wakanda, Africa. Played by Boseman and debuting in Captain America: Civil War and also in his own 2018 solo movie, this character is introduced with a certain degree of admiralty. Something of which the audience and fans can identify with and seemingly be involved, according to Comic Book Movie, in the conflict resolution that Steve Rogers is personally dealing with. Evans gives an idea into T'Challa and his possible influence.
"Black Panther has a certain cachet and class, so to have him come down the way he does, it provides the audience with someone to identify with."
Chris Evans talks Captain America in this modern day civil war of sorts, regarding how the conflict between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers parallel each other. It is mentioned how Cap is frozen in time and brought back today, and now, beliefs can be the opinion to our modern day Democrats and Republicans and how people make their decisions in what works best for them, according to Cineplex.
"There's a great parallel that they draw between my character and Tony Stark. It's something we can all relate to in terms of how we perceive our own society and culture, in terms of what is best for people. You can go right down to Democrat and Republican; everyone has a different opinion of what's best."
So, it seems in Captain America: Civil War, there is a dealing with a no real "right or wrong" here, and the decisions made are self-made, even though they may not be popular with those who are in opposition.
In The Amazing Spider-Man #537, during the Marvel Civil War event, Peter Parker is seen discussing Steve Rogers' issue with what's right and wrong, especially when the government environment had changed. Apparently, Captain America is of the mind that regardless what governing body, press, or anyone else in the world believes, that to thine own self be true. An excerpt of one of his speeches was found at Arousing Grammar.

Captain America: Civil War is being released in theaters come May 6, 2016.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment]