Did Josh Duggar Admit To Having Sex With Danica Dillon? A Look Back At Danica’s Shocking Allegations

Last August, Josh Duggar admitted that he had an extramarital affair. However, some Duggar fans had a hard time believing adult film star Danica Dillon when she stepped forward to claim that Josh had cheated on Anna Duggar with her. Now a recently-filed legal document seemingly confirms that at least part of Danica’s story was true.

Danica Dillon decided to take Josh Duggar to court last November, claiming that he “physically assaulted” her during one of their two alleged sexual encounters. Radar Online reports that Josh Duggar’s attorney recently filed a motion to dismiss Danica’s civil lawsuit, in which she’s asking for $500,000 for “physical and emotional injuries.” What the motion to dismiss doesn’t say is very telling: Josh Duggar never denies that he had sex with the porn star/stripper.

Instead of denying Danica’s allegations altogether, Josh’s attorney focuses on Danica’s claim that Josh assaulted her and caused her emotional distress.

“Assault requires both intent to place the Plaintiff in imminent apprehension of harmful or offensive contract and the Plaintiff’s actual imminent apprehension,” attorney Jeffrey A. Conrad writes. “Plaintiff did not provide anything more than a formulaic recitation of the elements of assault and/or battery.”

Conrad also tries to turn things around on Dillon by pointing out that she admitted to practicing prostitution. He may be trying to insinuate that what happened during her sexual encounter with Josh Duggar cannot constitute abuse because Josh paid her for their sexual encounter.

“Her labels and conclusions are not adequate, particularly because she states that she consented to physical and sexual contact in exchange for payment.”

According to Us Weekly, Josh Duggar admitted to cheating on Anna Duggar on August 20, 2015. He was forced to cop to being “the biggest hypocrite ever” after it was discovered that he had two paid Ashley Madison accounts. However, according to Danica Dillon, Josh did not use the cheating website to arrange their sexual encounters. In an August 26 In Touch Weekly interview, Dillon revealed that Josh first approached her while she was stripping at the Gold Club in Philadelphia. This happened in mid-March when Anna Duggar was still pregnant with her and Josh’s fourth child.

Dillon claimed that Josh Duggar told her that he was a huge fan who had been following her career for a long time and that he’d even watched her very first pornographic scene on an adult website. He allegedly spent a few hundred dollars on private dances before becoming bold enough to ask Danica if she would spend the night with him, and he promised to pay her $1,500 for their violent first sexual encounter.

“He was manhandling me, basically tossing me around like I was a rag doll,” Danica said. “It was very traumatic. I’ve had rough sex before, but this was terrifying.”

During another interview with ET Online, Danica said that Josh wanted to “get straight to the point” after they got back to the hotel she was staying at. She made it clear that their “terrifying” sex was consensual, but she also claimed that Josh was so violent that she felt like she “was being raped.” According to Radar Online, Danica Dillon makes this same claim in her lawsuit.

“I never said no, I am going to have to reiterate that, I never told him no,” Dillon said. “But I did push him back and push him off and say that’s too rough that’s too rough.”

Danica also claimed that Josh Duggar forced her to perform oral sex on him, and he didn’t pay the agreed upon amount after their encounter – he shorted Danica $500 by dropping $1,000 on the dresser and leaving.

Danica’s second sexual encounter with Josh Duggar took place about a month after the first, and this time, he approached her at the Creekside Cabaret strip club in Colmar, Pennsylvania. Josh allegedly asked Danica to sign a few photos of some of her explicit sex scenes, and he apologized for their previous sexual encounter. Danica was reluctant at first, but she eventually agreed to spend the night with Josh again in exchange for $1,500. She made sure that she had a safeguard in place by hiding her phone under her pillow with 911 dialed in, but things weren’t as rough the second time around.

“He was being verbally abusive, but more physically gentle,” Danica revealed. “We didn’t use a condom.”

Danica told ET Online that Josh came off as a person who “had to be in control and had to be in power” during the second encounter.

Danica revealed that she had no idea that Josh Duggar was married or that he was one of the stars of the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting until his two major scandals started making headlines. Danica’s attorney told In Touch Weekly that Josh Duggar may be asked to talk about the sexual molestation scandal that rocked the Duggar family last summer if the case goes to trial. Danica’s attorney may attempt to use Josh Duggar’s admission that he sexual molested his younger sisters to prove that he has “history of sexual and physical abuse towards women, particularly those he perceives as vulnerable or weak.”

A pretrial conference is scheduled for January 21 at the U.S. Courthouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but Josh Duggar will not be required to attend. He’s likely still holed up at Reformers Unanimous, the Christian treatment center that he shipped off to after claiming that he was suffering from an addiction to pornography. Josh’s stint at the facility is expected to end sometime in February.

After her alleged encounters with Josh Duggar, Danica Dillon said that Anna Duggar should leave Josh because Danica doesn’t think that he “deserves happiness.” However, during the three-part Jill & Jessa: Counting On special, Anna Duggar made it clear that she wasn’t going to divorce her husband and that she was relying on God to repair her marriage.

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