Josh Duggar’s Christian Rehab Facility Using Him For Free Labor?

Josh Duggar is heading to rehab after admitting to cheating on his wife and being addicted to pornography, and it looks like the facility he’ll be staying at isn’t much different from the place his parents sent him to after he molested four of his younger sisters.

In a post on the Duggar family website, Josh Duggar’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, revealed that he’s checked himself into a long-term rehab treatment facility. They didn’t reveal the name of the facility or where it is located, but Gawker has confirmed that it’s Reformers Unanimous in Rockford, Illinois. Gawker describes the facility as “little more than a glorified, bible-based labor camp.”

The Reformers Unanimous application contains information about what Josh Duggar will be doing during his time in rehab, and his schedule doesn’t include any time with a licensed counselor. He’ll spend most of his day working and studying the Bible, and he’ll also attend Chapel, two weekly church services, and Sunday school classes. According to the Rockford Register Star, the work Josh will be performing is basically free labor for Reformers Unanimous, and it includes “tasks like cooking and construction.”

“Each student must work up to 40 hours a week at the Reformers Unanimous residential facilities, North Love Baptist Church and Christian school and offices, and/or the locations of any of Reformers Unanimous’ business partners,” an excerpt from the application reads. The punishment for most violations of the facility’s rules is extra work.

Below you can read a few more choice excerpts from the rehab facility’s application.

“I understand that I am not applying to the School of Discipleship for employment, but to the contrary, my application is for help in recovering from my sinful habit(s).”

“Remember, it’s Biblical that all men work.”

“The room assigned to you, as everything else on our property, belongs to God. It must be treated as such. A violating student shall be held financially responsible for all damage done to God’s property.”

“Negative remarks about food will not be tolerated. Prayer and fasting are a profitable substitute.”

“I understand that my admission to the program and my continued residence is dependent upon my willingness to restructure my life to conform to biblical Christianity, to learn to live a victorious Christian life, and my willingness to help myself, including chores and duties as may be assigned to me.”

“Talking about old habits and lifestyles is against God’s word and not permitted.”

Questions on the application include, “Are you going to heaven when you die?” and “Have you, your parents or grandparents ever been involved in any occult, cultic, New Age, or other non-Christian practices?” Applicants are also asked how often they pray.

Reformers Unanimous sounds awfully similar to the “rehab” facility that Josh Duggar was shipped off to as a teen after he sexually molested his younger sisters. Instead of sending him to a licensed counselor, his parents enrolled him in a program run by Bill Gothard, the former cult-like leader of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a patriarchal Christian group that the Duggars are a part of. At the IBLP training center in Little Rock, Arkansas, Josh’s “treatment” included “faith counseling” and construction work on a former VA hospital acquired by IBLP. During an interview with the Daily Mail, Bill Gothard claimed that the program turned Josh’s life around and change the way he views women.

“Once he became a Christian his conscience became more delicate and he wanted to follow and please the Lord. It was a turning point in his life. The incident happened 12 years ago and since then Joshua has lived an honorable life, that speaks for itself, he certainly learnt his lesson and now he will have a whole new respect for young ladies.”

Unfortunately, Josh would later prove that he didn’t have much respect for his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar. After his name was found on the leaked list of men and women using the Ashley Madison website to orchestrate extramarital affairs, he admitted to cheating on poor Anna.

Do you think Reformers Unanimous will actually help Josh Duggar, or does the rehab program sound like a complete waste of time?

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