Pick what’s wrong with this sentence: Gay Catholic Priest has minor dance hit singing in drag

The drag queen singer known as “Big Mama Capretta” has outed himself as a practicing gay Catholic priest from Colomnbus, Ohio.

Vincent Capretta, known to his flock has “Father Anthony” said in a statement that “It’s Big Mama, y’all! And I am no longer afraid to come out of the closet as a gay Catholic priest! I am enjoying my life being who I am and who God intended me to be! Now let’s dance, y’all!”

Big Mama may not be a household name yet, but he/ she currently has the number 25 spot on the U.S. Billboard Club Play dance chart.

Here’s Big Mama’s latest song. Three hail marys and a couple of bloody marys for the road.

(Pic/ via: The Advocate)