Renee Zellweger Will Not Know The Father Of Bridget Jones’ Baby Until Seeing The Movie

Bridget Jones is back, and once again, she finds herself in a bit of a pickle. It seems that Bridget is having a baby, but nobody seems to know the identity of the father, and that includes the movie’s star, Renee Zellweger. Out of the running is Hugh Grant, who got bumped for the third part of the Bridget Jones series, but a new possibility has come into the picture, and that is Patrick Dempsey.

According to the Inquisitr, a big part in the Bridget Jones franchise is what lured Patrick Dempsey away from the role of Derek Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy. Patrick Dempsey started his career in movies like Can’t Buy Me Love, and it seems like that is the path he prefers. Although fans of Grey’s Anatomy are still missing Dempsey, they will love him in the new Bridget Jones movie.

Vanity Fair revealed that the Bridget Jones stars don’t know who the father of Bridget’s baby happens to be. The director shot three different endings, so until the actors see the movie, they won’t know the identity of the baby’s daddy. The movie’s namesake, Bridget Jones, is played by Renee Zellweger, who went through the movie without knowing who the father of her child is. Obviously, it is a closely guarded secret known only to the Bridget Jones director and the film’s editors.

“It’s kind of brilliant,” Zellweger told the Sunday Express of the strategy. “None of the cast knows who fathered Bridget’s baby or who she’ll choose as her beau. The plan is to keep us all in the dark, right up to the premiere.”

The top guys in the running are Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Jack, a dashing millionaire played by Patrick Dempsey.

“I like that she tells stories about what it’s like to be a woman in these really relatable situations,” Zellweger told Entertainment Weekly of the new film’s plot. “It’s so right to tell a story about Bridget in this stage of her life.”

The newest Bridget Jones movie, based on the book Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, has a features a love triangle between Zellweger, Dempsey, and Firth, according to Vanity Fair. At the beginning of the movie, Bridget finds all of her friends have moved on and have children, according to producer Debra Hayward.

“All of Bridget’s friends have moved on. They’ve all got children. It’s what we’ve all sort of gone through as women, isn’t it?”

Even though fans thought it was inevitable that Bridget would end up with Mark Darcy, Colin Firth had his doubts.

“Mark didn’t think Daniel was better than him. This guy Jack seems to be more of the charming good guy, and in some ways that’s scarier.”

According to Bitbag, the new Bridget Jones movie will be out in April to the delight of fans. Hugh Grant’s Daniel Cleaver has left the franchise, at least for now, but Bridget has plenty of suitors thanks to Patrick Dempsey and Colin Firth.

As the movie starts, it is evident that the old Bridget Jones has been left behind, and the character has finally matured and gotten a better handle on life.

Who do you think (or hope) is the father of Bridget Jones’ baby? Will you see the movie when it is released?

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]