High School For Sale On eBay

High School For Sale On eBay — A Pennsylvania high school has been placed on eBay for a cool $600,000.

As part of a bid to combat damaging budget cuts, The Learning Center in Langhorne, Pa., is accepting bids for what the auction describes as “One Pre-owned, But Extremely Successful, Public High School.” Or at least it was accepting bids – sadly, the auction is now no more.

Fortunately, the Internet never forgets, so we still know the benefits of ‘owning’ the school included the buyer enjoying full naming rights, a chance to deliver the commencement speech on graduation day, a large pizza, a season pass for two to the football games and a personalized Learning Center coffee cup. Aww.

And, while the ad notes students aren’t included in the bundle, the new “owner” would have chosen the school’s mascot. Kinda:

“You get to choose a mascot…out of the following three: a beaver, a hedgehog or a groundhog, all wearing an American Indian headdress (If you wish to select another animal you would need to pay an additional $7.65 over your winning bid to cover the additional Photoshop expense).”

But it’s not all light-hearted jolliness – there’s a serious point to the auction. The starting bid of $599,995 is the precise amount required to keep the school going through the 2012-2013 school year. This is because the Neshaminy School District, which overlooks the school, has seen $2 million slashed from its budget.

The Learning Center is specifically for students who have emotional or learning problems which prevent them from attending a regular high school, explained a statement released by the school.

The eBay ad reveals the school has been a crucial place to students with problems ranging from physical or sexual abuse to depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Many Learning Center pupils return to regular schools when they are ready.

And, although the ad was the creation of father and son Steve and (former student) Casey Young of Langhorne, it had full backing from authorities – the school’s principal JoAnn Holland and the Neshaminy School District both approved of the idea. In the school’s news release, Holland stated:

“To keep from being closed by the district, we cut expenses as far as we could. We would have to make up an additional $600,000 shortage to keep our school operating as we have in the past. I know [an auction is] crazy, but with the good The Learning Center does, it’s crazier not to do it.”

When it was pulled down, the ad reportedly had nine offers, and bidding was due to close Wednesday afternoon. Whatever happened to this ingenious little auction, here’s hoping the Learning Center is saved!