ISIS Video Warns David Cameron That Jihadists Will Be Invading His Country [Watch]

ISIS sent a cryptic video warning to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The 11-minute video features an Islamic State militant who appears to be from the United Kingdom and a young boy who also speaks English. The recording depicts a scene which allegedly shows the execution of five accused U.K. spies.

The ISIS video message for David Cameron, by a militant with a British accent wearing a mask, says that the Islamic State is planning more terror attacks in the United Kingdom. Shown behind the masked man who allegedly used the same type of gestures and phrasing as Mohammed Emwazi, A.K.A. "Jihadi John," are five hostages adorned in orange jumpsuits. The unidentified ISIS militant in the video points his gun straight at the camera and warns that Islamic State jihadists are preparing to invade Europe, MSN reports.

The man with the British accent also reference following the lead of the "pathetic leader in Washington" and wonders why Cameron and U.K. lawmakers are "daring to challenge" the might of the Islamic State in the video. He also said that the citizenship of the British is "under the feet" of the Islamic State, and the waging of jihad will continue.

Excerpt From The Latest ISIS Video -- Alleged British ISIS Militant Sends Warning to David Cameron Before Executing Accused U.K. Spies

Exactly how and when the ISIS jihadists are planning to converge in Europe remains unclear. Concerns about Islamic State militants infiltrating the hordes of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in the United Kingdom and around the world has become a political football in the 2016 race for the presidency.

Donald Trump garnered the ire of many mainstream media pundits, as well as his Democratic challengers, after saying he would temporarily ban entry into the United States any non-American Muslim over national security concerns. While even many in the Republican establishment thought Trump had finally gone too far and said something which would sink his political campaign, his number soared even higher. GOP hopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also said that he would stop the admittance of any Syrian refugee into the U.S. until the FBI says that vetting can ensure that ISIS terrorists are not hiding among those fleeing in panic from the Middle Eastern nation.

The "open borders" policy in Europe was hotly debated among lawmakers and and citizens after the Paris terror attacks. At least one of the ISIS jihadists may have gotten into France by claiming to be a Syrian refugee.

The ISIS video goes on to show what appears to be the murder of all five British hostages accused of being spies by the Islamic State. One of the men told to kneel allegedly confessed to having engaged in recon missions that were ordered by U.K. lawmakers.

After the executions of the prisoners, the young English-speaking boy outfitted in military garb, looks into the camera and says, "We are going to go kill the kafir [non-Muslims] over there."

United Kingdom national security agencies are currently investigating the David Cameron warning video and attempting to identify the ISIS militant shown on the screen. Investigators are reportedly using voice analysis technology and reviewing Islamic State chatter on social media to determine the identity of the man, the Independent reports.

Approximately 800 U.K. citizens are believed to have gone to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS. About 400 returned home after traveling to the Middle East. Anti-terrorism officials also feel that up to 100 of the British citizens died while fighting for the Islamic State.

The hostages accused of being spies are believed to be between the ages of 25 and 40. If investigators were correct in their reports about the identity of the executed ISIS hostages, the men killed in the video were cameramen Ubi Muhammad Abdul Ghani, 26, and Ha'il Marwan Abdul Razaq, 40, Faisal Hamud al-Ja'far and Umaar Hamud al-Ja'far, both 25, and Mahyar Mahmud al-Uthmaan, 31.

In Arabic, Ghani appears to say during the ISIS video that he was hired to do "covert camera work" in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. He also reportedly stated that the videos and photos he took in Syria were used by various media outlets, including the BBC.

[Image via AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth]