Oregon 'Militia' Video: 'We Need You To Bring Your Arms' As Cartoon Comparing Tamir Rice To Oregon Attack Goes Viral

Paula Mooney

The "Oregon Under Attack" situation rolls on, as the controversy continues to be compared to other uprisings comparing the races of the folks protesting, as reported by The Inquisitr. Seen in the above photo, Ryan Bundy -- one of the "Oregon Under Attack" militants at the heart of the controversy -- speaks on the phone near Burns, Oregon. The location is the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which became command central for those folks occupying the area and calling for others to bring guns to the government location. In the below video, a clear call from the protesters telling others to bring their guns is heard.

"We need you to bring your arms."

"Militiamen discuss taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. Video courtesy of Sarah Dee Spurlock."
"Sarah Dee Spurlock, who posted that statement to Facebook, commented that the militia has removed the BLM signage and blocked the road with a truck. She also stated they are heavily armed."

As such, the Hammond brothers have vacated Oregon to report to San Pedro, California.

In the viral Yahoo article titled "This Comic Sums up the Double Standard Used to Excuse White Violence," the work of Carlos Latuff is featured. With nearly 6,000 comments in the 5 hours since the Yahoo article was published, it is a piece gaining plenty of attention and feedback online. The tagline of the Yahoo article speaks to the differing reaction of authorities based upon race.

"When it happens to black people, they're thugs who deserved it. When white people commit it, they're gun-owning patriots."

(AP Photo/Rebecca Boone)