Netizens Tease Lee Kwang Soo And Kim Jong Kook Through SNS On Latest Episode Of ‘Running Man’

This does not seem to be Lee Kwang Soo’s week. Despite the fact that the weeks containing Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day are often filled with happiness and joy, the youngest of Running Man was given some debilitating news pertaining to his fellow cast member Song Ji Hyo. During the 2015 SBS Entertainment Awards, Kwang Soo thought to present a conundrum for one half of the “Monday Couple.” He asked Ji Hyo to rank the male cast of Running Man by their “husband potential.” The request was gutsy because Gary was not present but also fun because it put the entire Running Man cast on the spot. Kwang Soo may have wished he did not ask such a request because he came in dead last on Ji Hyo’s “husband potential” ranking.

Now Lee Kwang Soo’s distress continued on the latest episode of Running Man. During one of the challenges, Kwang Soo had to depend on netizens through SNS to help him win a game. Instead of being helpful, the netizens instead had a blast teasing Kwang Soo. The same situation also happened for Kim Jong Kook.

The hilarious situation was first reported by Naver through a translation by Soompi. During the challenge, the Running Man cast had to play a game of bingo with food. There were numerous food items on the board, including sushi, bibimbap, and other simple delicacies. The cast would then pick certain foods and eat them as a means to win the game. The catch however is that netizens would pick the food items via an SNS account the cast would set up for them to communicate.

Lee Kwang Soo disappointed
Lee Kwang Soo, the youngest member of "Running Man," expresses his disdain and disappointment towards netizens during the food-eating bingo game. He though they had something against him when in fact, they were just having fun. [Image via Screen Capture of "Running Man"]

Unfortunately for Kwang Soo, netizens called out foods that do not help his bingo chart whatsoever. He even expressed his disappointment and disdain on air.

“Why are people calling out food that doesn’t matter? I’m already full but there’s not a single row of bingo. Do they have something against me?”

Lee Kwang Soo was not alone as netizens also picked on Kim Jong Kook. They too did the exact same thing to Jong Kook as they did to Kwang Soo, picking food items that did nothing to help with Jong Kook’s bingo board.

“They’re not thinking straight. Why does it have to be this [food]?”

To be fair, it is quite possible that netizens picked on Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook since they were professionals in snapping selcas (Korean version of “selfie”) and uploading posts, unlike other Running Man members. Song Ji Hyo had trouble with her SNS account, eventually asking her other half of the “Monday Couple,” Gary, for help. Yoo Jae Suk struggled mostly because he had to type on a number keypad, not a QWERTY keypad. Viewers then learn how much Jae Suk does not like this game, more so how much he doesn’t like SNS.

“This is really difficult. I don’t like using SNS.”

This episode of Running Man featuring this game that combined bingo with food and SNS accounts was only available to view on Sunday during the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) “Good Sunday” lineup. For those who do not have access to SBS, all Running Man episodes, which includes past episodes as well as ones coming up, are available to view for free (with ads) on both DramaFever and Viki, pending region.

[Image via Promotions for Korean Cosmopolitan]