'My Sweet Audrina' From V.C. Andrews Coming To Lifetime

Lifetime is bringing another V.C. Andrews book to life as a movie. On January 9, you will not want to miss their new movie, My Sweet Audrina. The preview for this new movie shows that it will be disturbing just like the book, but that is what everyone expects from V. C. Andrews and My Sweet Audrina. It is based on her 1982 book, which has the same name. Yahoo! shared a bit of a preview and the details of this upcoming movie.

Audrina will be played by India Eisley. This movie is about a young girl, Audrina, who is kept in her home by her father, Damian, who obviously has problems. The father of Audrina is played by James Tupper, who is best known for his role on the hit show Revenge where he played David Clarke. Audrina had a sister who died and her dad expects her to take over and fill the role of her sister. Her sister was known as the better version of Audrina.

The preview on Lifetime starts out by teasing that one day all of the secrets of this house will be revealed. It then shows little Audrina being held by her dad while he rocks her in a room full of toys. They look close in this preview, but there is so much more to their relationship than just a father and a daughter who are close to each other. Here is how Lifetime describes My Sweet Audrina.

"Based on V.C. Andrews' bestselling standalone novel, My Sweet Audrina is a gothic psychological thriller centering on Audrina, a young girl with an inability to recall past events in her life. Living in her family's secluded mansion, Audrina is haunted by nightmares in which she dreams of her older sister, the First Audrina, who was left for dead in the woods after an attack. As she falls in love with a boy named Arden and is tormented by her sadistic cousin Vera, she slowly starts to regain her memory of the grim truth around the death of her sister."
My Sweet Audrina is the only standalone book that V. C. Andrews ever wrote, so there will be no reason for a sequel to this movie. This should be the only movie about Audrina, but things are going so well for Lifetime with V.C. Andrews books that you can expect to see more of her books turned into movies in the future. A lot of viewers tuned in for their version of Flowers In The Attic.
Just Jared Jr. shared a bit more about this upcoming film, My Sweet Audrina. The boy that she is interested in named Arden will be played by William Moseley. One preview picture shows him sitting shirtless by the water with Audrina by his side. Audrina is unable to remember events from her past and, of course, that will be a huge point of the movie. She is haunted by the dreams of her sister, the first Audrina, and her father tries to keep her alone in their mansion, but somehow Audrina finds a way to spend time with Arden. Everyone seems to know the secrets of this family, except for Audrina.This movie about Audrina will have forbidden sex, crazy secrets, and will remind viewers why they love V.C. Andrews so much. Audrina is seen in the preview being chased by her father and also sick in a bed at the home. Audrina also begs to find out why secrets have been kept from her.

You can catch My Sweet Audrina on Saturday, January 9, on Lifetime. After a few months of Christmas movies, viewers are excited to see Lifetime getting back to these weekly movies that everyone enjoys watching so much.

[Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]