Texas Governor Greg Abbott Tweets To Obama "Come And Take It" Concerning Gun Control

On New Year's Day Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to Obama's executive action on gun control by tweeting about it. The governor had no qualms about telling Obama to "Come and take it," implying that Abbott won't take the executive action without a fight. Attached to the tweet is a Washington Post article that talks about President Obama's plan to curb gun control. The article says that on Monday, Obama will meet with Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to finalize the gun control measures and then Obama will announce his package of proposals soon after that. One of the proposals is that unlicensed gun dealers will be required to obtain licenses and to run background checks on people they sell guns to. Unlicensed dealers are mostly dealers that don't have a storefront, and are not required to have a license to sell guns because they only sell guns "occasionally." The proposal will require anyone who sells guns whether through a store or online or at a swap meet to be licensed to sell. Other proposals weren't mentioned but the article said there were about six proposals in all.
KVUE posted an article about Abbott's tweet as well as what Obama had to say about imposing gun control.
"I get letters from responsible gun owners who grieve with us every time these tragedies happen; who share my belief that the Second Amendment guarantees a right to bear arms; and who share my belief we can protect that right while keeping an irresponsible, dangerous few from inflicting harm on a massive scale."
This is not the first time the governor has told the government to "Come and take it." Last year when Gregg Abbott was still the Attorney General of Texas, he posted an online petition to stop the federal government from taking over 90,000 acres of Texas land along the Red River. The Texas/Oklahoma border has been debated for years and Texas ranchers were fearing they were going to lose their land. The BLM said the land that ran along approximately 116 miles along the Red River didn't belong to Texas. That dispute still has not been settled, and dozens of Texans are awaiting to hear if their land is going to be taken by the government. Its possible that to keep the land, they will have to pay the government for land they already feel they own.
Governor Abbott also drew controversy back in July when he asked the National Guard to make sure that Texas wasn't attacked during the Jade-Helm exercises. The exercises came and went without much attention and no events occurred that needed the Guard's help. Gregg Abbott is a gun owner and was recently shown on the cover of Texas Monthly that shows the governor holding a rifle. Abbott has long shown his dislike for the Obama administration, the governor has said in the past that he has sued the current administration at least 25 times since Obama has taken office.

Texas just now started the "open carry" law, which allows people to carry firearms on their person in plain view. The photo at the top of this article shows an Open Carry Rally in Austn, TX where about 100 Texans with guns in holsters showed up. The flag shown in the picture is similar to the one that Abbott tweeted, except instead of a cannon, this picture shows an AK-57. The flag (with the cannon) is actually the "Flag of Gonzales," which Texas adopted in 1835 as a challenge to Santa Anna.

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.[Photo by Erich Schlegel/Getty Images]