Philadelphia Eagles Rumors: 2016 Draft Pick Position Falls After Meaningless Victory, Latest Coach News

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants today, and the only fans that are celebrating are the ones from New York. Everyone knows there are no moral victories in the NFL, and this win may have cost the Eagles dearly in their rebuilding plans. While you cannot just throw a game in the NFL, Eagles fans are intelligent and understand the magnitude of the win today on their 2016 draft picks.

With the victory, the Philadelphia Eagles will finish with a record of 7-9, which is good for second place in the NFC East. The truth is, there is not one smart Eagles fan that is happy about the win. They will not be going to the playoffs, and they are in the same exact position as the Giants and Cowboys, but their draft pick is worse. Additionally, the Eagles will have to face the tough Seattle Seahawks on the road next year, while the Giants will fly to London to play the dismal St. Louis Rams. Last year, the Eagles made the same exact mistake, to the same exact team, when they defeated the Giants in week 17. They lost valuable draft positions, and had to settle for lower-rated players in each round.

The Eagles Will Draft at 13th Overall in the 2016 NFL Draft

With the victory, the Eagles will fall to the 13th pick in the 2016 NFL draft. The Giants will pick 10th overall. That means the Eagles lost three valuable spots in the draft in every single round because of today's pointless victory. They still do not have a coach, and they still do not know who their quarterback will be next year. Any momentum they gained from the victory will not carry over to next season.

The Eagles Will Travel to Seattle Next Year to Play the Seahawks

While winning in Seattle is slightly more possible than it was in prior years, the Seahawks are still one of the most difficult teams to defeat on their home field. If the Eagles had lost to the Giants today, they would have gotten to play the St. Louis Rams in London. The Rams are currently sitting at 7-8, and do not project to be a great team next year. Since the game is in London and is considered a Rams home game, there would not even be any home-field advantage for the Eagles to contend with. The Eagles basically have a guaranteed loss next year when they take on the Seahawks in Seattle, and it easily could have been avoided. Here are a few tweets from analysts and experts voicing their displeasure regarding today's victory and its implications.
Latest Eagles Coaching Rumors

Earlier this week, the Inquisitr covered a few of the potential Eagles coaching candidates. While the rumors are still in full swing, there is some conflicting information coming out about former Eagles quarterback Doug Pederson and the position. Earlier today, ESPN reported that Pederson is a leading candidate for the job. A few hours later, NJ claimed the rumor to be false. Whether or not the rumor is true remains to be seen, but Pederson should still be added to the long list of potential candidates. Here are the latest rumored candidates in the mix to be the next coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sean Payton

Josh McDaniels

Jon Gruden

Sean McDermott

Hue Jackson

Pat Shurmur

Adam Gase

Todd Haley

Matt Patricia

Doug Pederson

Bill Cowher

The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of work to do if they want to be a competitive team in the NFC, and today's victory definitely did not help their immediate future and draft position. Regardless, the rumors will continue to come out until the Eagles announce their next coach, and the announcement is vitally important to their 2016 season and beyond.

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