October 24, 2016
All About Nick Buonfiglio Ex-Husband Of Amanda Stanton of 'The Bachelor' 2016

This season on The Bachelor, viewers will get to know Amanda Stanton, who happens to be a single mom of two little girls. Everyone is going to want to know details about her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio, who happens to be the father of her two little girls. Nick and Amanda were married, but are now divorced and moving on just fine from each other. Nick is very obviously a very involved father from the photos all over his Facebook with his little girls.


Nick Buonfiglio is always sharing photos of his little girls, calling them Kins and Charlie. They are really cute, and Nick has to spend a lot of time around Amanda to make things work for their children. Nick also talks about having a good time and even had an ugly Christmas sweater party this year. He also has big plans to watch The Bachelor according to a post he shared.

For some reason this year, more than ever, I am interested in watching the bachelor. I'll be having a viewing party at my house this monday. Text or message me if you want to come ????
OK Here is the Situation shared all about Nick Buonfiglio. He may be Amanda Stanton's ex-husband, but the two seem to have parted on good terms. Nick is 28-years-old and lives in San Clemente, California, but he is from Prospect, Kentucky. His father is Joseph and mother is Denise (Ianetti) Buonfiglio. Nick is smart, has a degree in Business, Management, & Marketing at California State University, now works in sales at the Orange County Register.


A source that is close to Nick Buonfiglio and Amanda Stanton shared that they are totally done. Here is what the source revealed.

"There is no unfinished business between the two of them. She is an amazing mom to their two young children but her relationship with Nick is nothing more than he is the father of their two children. I feel it is irresponsible to assume and write that they will get back together after the show. Amanda has moved on and that is why she is on The Bachelor. Her past relationship is a closed book."
Amanda Stanton and Nick Buonfiglio split up sometime in 2014, it appears. She was on his Twitter account in January of 2014, but he hasn't really used it at all. They have two very young children together, but in 2015 Amanda was already ready to move on from Nick and find love on the show. She wasn't afraid to move on. There is no word of what is going on with Amanda's kids while on the show, but you can assume they are staying with Nick or he is the one taking care of them most of the time.

Now everyone will have to see if Amanda Stanton can win the heart of Ben Higgins. If she doesn't pull it off, there is always a chance that Nick's ex-wife will end up being the one handing out roses next season. Emily Maynard did the show as a single mother and so they might bring on another one. Amanda and Ben are going to at least get close enough that they will talk about Nick and the fact that she has two little girls at home she left behind to do the show. This should show Ben how serious Amanda is about finding love.

Do you feel like Amanda Stanton is over her ex Nick Buonfiglio? Do you think that she will be the one that Ben Higgins picks in the end? Sound off in the comments and don't miss The Bachelor on Monday nights on ABC. This season starts on January 4.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]