Johnny Manziel Spotted In Las Vegas Casino On Eve Of Browns Season Finale — Refutes Report With Odd Instagram Post

As if Johnny Manziel needed any more attention this season, he was able to get it without even being on the field yet again. Reports have the Cleveland Browns quarterback being spotted in a Las Vegas casino on the event of the team’s regular season finale. Manziel has refuted these reports with an odd Instagram post where his alibi is his dog.

Early on Sunday morning, USA Today reported that Manziel was seen in the Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood casino on Saturday night where he was dining and gambling. This is according to employees and patrons of the casino who not only saw, but also interacted, with the quarterback.

The Browns quarterback paid cash for a meal at a restaurant in the casino, according to one Tina Samira. She is a waitress at Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood, and she served Manziel and his guests on Saturday night.

Manziel was set to start the season finale against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he is sitting it out due to being in the NFL’s concussion protocol.

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He didn’t just dine though. After dining, Manziel sat down at a blackjack table, where a casino employee checked his photo ID. It was at that point that the casino ID decided to make a bit of an announcement per a casino patron named John Hornacek.

“We’ve got Johnny Manziel with us tonight.”

Not only was Manziel seen at Planet Hollywood, but Yahoo Sports is reporting that he did a bit of casino hopping, as well, and was at the Hard Rock to start the night.

Manziel is dealing with a concussion that was bad enough to keep him out of the season finale and officially end his season. Reports had him at the Browns training facility on Saturday morning for treatment, but it wouldn’t be impossible to make it to Las Vegas by that evening.

Now, after this is where things get a bit weird.

Manziel hadn’t posted on his Instagram account in two weeks, but he just so happened to post on it on Saturday night. The night he was reportedly in Las Vegas and spending some time and money before the Browns’ regular season finale.

The post was a picture of himself and his dog laying on the floor and staring into the camera. The picture had a very simple caption and it was nothing but a hashtag — #SaturdayNights

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Image via Instagram

Added to the photo was the location of Avon, Ohio, which would put him at home instead of in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Now, it’s not impossible to fake an Instagram location or even have someone else post an already-taken photo onto your account.

Not a single other photo on his account has a location tag.

Earlier this season, Johnny Manziel was seen partying at a club in Austin, Texas, during the Browns’ bye week. He was caught on camera and the video was posted to different social media sites, and of course, it made its way back to the Cleveland Browns.

He reportedly lied to the Browns’ executives about where he was and asked his friends to lie for them, as well. This is all after spending months in a rehabilitation facility prior to the 2015 season, but it was never revealed what it was for.

Johnny Manziel being spotted in Las Vegas before the regular season finale for the Cleveland Browns is a huge problem. Yes, the season is about to be over, but his future with the team and in the NFL is seriously in doubt, and an Instagram post with his dog may not be enough to save him.

[Image by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]