Bo Obama Causes Portuguese Water Dog Shortage, and Outright Idiocy

Bo Obama, the first family’s pet Portuguese water dog, has created a lot of public demand for the now patriotic pooches, resulting in long waiting lists and lengthy application processes for those hoping to procure a specimen of the rare breed.

A woman named Nicole Grayson recently went through the process of purchasing one of the highly sought after Portuguese water dogs. From an article in the WSJ:

After two interviews, three applications and months of anxiety, Nicole Grayson, a stay-at-home mother of three in Portland, Ore., finally got the nod. In April, Ms. Grayson learned she had been chosen to purchase a $2,000 Portuguese water dog.

Breeders “made it clear I had to prove myself worthy,” she exults. “We were really nervous.” Now she relishes the attention her puppy, named Capri, attracts at her son’s baseball games. She has also set up puppy play dates with another Portuguese water dog in town.

icanhaslifetooPersonally, I think it’s kind of silly of people to go to such lengths in order to own a dog just to be noticed. With this breed in such high demand and in the spotlight right now, abandoned and abused animals are sitting in crowded cages at animal shelters, waiting to be put down.


How many people are going to such lengths and expense to save a perfectly good dog from being euthanized?

I guess it’s like a lot of things in society today – a popular few are revered while others are dying because no-one seems to care.

So, dear Inquisitr readers, are you the type of person who could, or would, go to such lengths for one specific dog just because they’re cool to have, while other animals are being killed because no-one wants them?