Kate Winslet Says Flawed Body is Women Empowerment

Oscar winner Kate Winslet has acted alongside Hollywood’s hottest men and has been nominated for countless awards. However, according to Winslet, women shouldn’t envy her because she’s lacking something, and that’s “the perfect body.”

In fact, Kate Winslet goes on to say that she doesn’t have perfect boobs, and because of that women should feel “empowered” by her nude scenes because her body is so imperfect. The Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind actress told The Sun, “I look like people that walk down the street. I don’t have perfect boobs. I don’t have zero cellulite-if course I don’t- and I’m curvy.”

The perfect Hollywood body, which everyone aspires to achieve in the real world, doesn’t seem all too important to Winslet, who continues saying, “If that is something that makes women feel empowered in any way, that’s great.”

Winslet, who’s known to bare all in some of her movies talks about the significance of going nude for all to see, and how she gets through it, saying, “On a deeper, subconscious level, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve allowed my stupid self to be so naked on screen. It’s partly because I do believe that it’s right for the character and it’s right for the story but it’s also knowing that not many people do that, actually – and not just that, but I’m a normal person.”

Earlier in the year, Titanic, the film that put her on the map at age 22, was reissued in 3D. When asked about whether or not Kate worries about aging from her Titanic nude scene the Academy award winner said, “Oh my God, I couldn’t give a s**t. I’m so much less self-conscious and I think that’s something to do with getting older and acceptance of one’s self, feeling stronger, feeling more confident. I think confidence does come with time and I’ve been really surprised by that actually.”

In other news the actress was recently given a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honors list.

What do you think about Kate Winslet’s thoughts on body image? It’s nice to see someone who more or less grew up in the business so level headed.