Natalie Portman Boasts Huge Movie Lineup This Year, But Her Heart Lives in Kenya

Natalie Portman has had a busy year of filming. Perhaps one of her most entertaining movies is the upcoming Jane Got a Gun. USA Today reports that Portman plays the part of Jane Hammond, who goes Old West style as a woman out for revenge against the men who kidnapped her and her daughter.

In particular, she goes after Colin McCann, played by the incredible Ewan McGregor. The trailer has finally been released and it looks as though it will be an A-list movie.

But Natalie Portman has an even more impressive role coming up, that of the First Lady Jaqueline Kennedy in the movie Jackie. People reports that the movie is being filmed in Paris and follows the life of the First Lady in the four days that occur between the assassination of her husband, President John F. Kennedy, and his burial.

According to Deadline, the film is being directed by Pablo Larraín, who has already received an Oscar nomination in 2012 for his foreign language film No and is rumored to be shortlisted for the Foreign Language Oscar this year for his film El Club. Jackie will be Larraín’s first English-language film and co-producer Mickey Liddell speaks very highly of him.

“Pablo is a masterful filmmaker, the cast is top notch, and we are thrilled to be working with him and our producing partners.”

The first image of Natalie Portman dressed and in character as Jackie Kennedy has been released and she definitely looks the part. Portman posted the image on Twitter.

Yet another of Natalie Portman’s films is due for release soon. Daily Mail reports that a new Knight of Cups trailer was released last month and that Portman plays the role of Elizabeth, who tries to turn around Christian Bale’s character, Rick. The trailer appears as an intense grouping of scenes depicting Bale as a man who suffers deeply.

With all of these filming projects on the go, it might be difficult to imagine Natalie Portman finding the time for anything else, yet she has, and for something really good. At the end of November, Portman spoke with InStyle about her charity work in Kenya. Portman visited Kenya earlier this year to see first-hand the work being done by Free the Children, an organization she has been involved with for some time. She spoke about helping to build a school for girls in the area.

“When I visited Kenya, we helped build the first secondary school for girls in the region. I got to meet some of the first graduates of that school and they were just so impressive. It makes you ashamed of all the times you complained about school because they just love it so much and realize what an opportunity it is. You have to convince these girls to sleep because they want to stay in the library all night long studying.”

Natalie Portman also spoke about how important this work is and how girls in Kenya and in similar regions need the help of organizations like Free the Children.

“There are places in the world where girls are having acid thrown at their faces just for walking down the street to go to school and learn. As individuals and as a nation, we have to be protective of girls whose basic rights as human beings are being challenged by protesting these injustices.”

Fans of the versatile actress will be very excited to see her in her various new roles as her movies roll out into the theaters throughout 2016. There is some very exciting stuff happening for Natalie Portman. Perhaps she has another Oscar in her future.

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