Teresa Giudice Reportedly Not Allowed Break From Cameras On NYE

Teresa Giudice and her family were reportedly not allowed to take a night off from the Real Housewives cameras during New Year’s Eve, even though she just got home from prison the week of Christmas.

The reality star was reportedly hoping for some quiet time at home with her husband rather than a big celebration when the ball dropped, but according to a source at SheKnows, Bravo denied her request.

Real Housewives of New Jersey filming is in full swing, and cameras have been at the house almost non-stop since Teresa returned home. Teresa asked if they could have the night off, and was told no. This was especially upsetting for Joe, because he just wants to have some alone time with his wife,” the source said.

Teresa was in prison for nearly a year after being charged — along with husband Joe Giudice — with fraud, and was released a bit early just a couple of days before Christmas. Joe will serve his 41-month sentence beginning in March now that she’s home to be with their four children.

The reality star was photographed leaving the supermarket recently, looking healthy and in good spirits, and was also spotted hitting up a yoga class.

Teresa is currently under house arrest until February 5 and reportedly must seek permission from her probation officer before she takes a trip anywhere; she even wears an ankle bracelet.

“She asks permission to go places. The probation officer then gives her the parameters of that. He will ask her which stores she is going to and then says, ‘You can go from this time to this time.’ She can go to work, go to the doctor or go see her lawyer – all with the officer’s permission,” a source told People.

Giudice recently recorded a message for her fans on Bravo’s the Daily Dish, thanking them for their support in recent months.

Teresa has been spending as much quality time with her family as she can, including her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. The women spent Christmas together and have been spotted heading to workouts as a duo.

“It was the first time Melissa and Teresa have seen each other in over a year. The holiday spirit was definitely in the air. Everyone got along well, exchanged gifts,” a source told People.

Lately, Teresa has been battling rumors that Joe was unfaithful while she was in prison, including one that he attended a strip club right before she was released. According to a source at Radar Online, Joe finds women to “hook up” with at clubs, but Teresa has maintained that her husband has been faithful to her and refuses to believe the stories.

“This place is as sleazy as a strip club can get. He can find discreet hookups there,” the source said.

The gossip site also notes that the Giudice family are dealing with both unhappy cast-mates and neighbors, who drive by their home and yell out obscenities. And while there are rumors that Real Housewives of New Jersey can’t continue shooting until Teresa finishes her house arrest, her attorney says she is allowed to attend work.

“She is able to work, she is able to do different things with permission from her probation officer,” said attorney James Leonard Jr, adding that the couple haven’t openly discussed what will happen when Joe turns himself in for his own sentence. “We’re really at this point just kind of taking things, I don’t want to say, one day at a time, but we’re not moving too far ahead of, ‘Hey, we need to get her home, get her situated.’ And those will be discussions that happen down the road, but they’re not necessary at this point.”

There’s also the fact that Bravo reportedly wants to document Teresa’s homecoming in detail, as it will undoubtedly be hugely favorable for ratings in the new season.

[Image via Bravo]