Drunk Don Lemon Gets Dirty On CNN’s NYE 2015 Coverage, Much To The Chagrin Of His Co-Host

Don Lemon may often seem a little bit drunk, but on last night’s CNN New Year’s Eve coverage, there was absolutely no doubt that the anchor had indulged in some holiday alcohol.

Just a year after being chosen as 2014’s worst reporter by the Columbia Journalism Review, Don may have solidified his reputation as network news’ biggest goofball. If video evidence is any indication, Lemon may have had a few too many drinks on his live coverage in New Orleans Thursday evening.

drunk Don Lemon trends and wins
Don Lemon has a reputation for being a little off sometimes, but his NYE drinking may have secured him a spot in the broadcast hall of fame. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner)

Don was, of course, in good company. All the CNN anchors were throwing back a little champagne. Comedian Kathy Griffin, who was guest hosting, may have actually taken the honor from Lemon for least Federal Communication Commission-approved moment when she took off her shirt and walked around in her bra, ignoring pleas from Anderson Cooper to, please, put her clothes back on.

With that move already sending the night off in a bizarre direction, Don took it one step further. Lemon looked into the camera and uttered two words undeniably non-CNN friendly: “nice rack.” Brooke Baldwin, who was Don’s co-host last night, flashed an uncensored “Why me?” look into the camera before taking the drink out of Lemon’s hand and possibly internally vowing to never appear on live television opposite him ever again.

Oddly enough, Don’s strange New Year’s drunk hosting may have been an overall net positive for his public image. Lemon received a fair amount of positive feedback on social media for his on-camera shenanigans. Often the butt of jokes levied at CNN and broadcast news in general, Don at least seemed to supply his own punchlines this time around. Some viewers even suggested Lemon be given the liberty of being drunk on-air all the time.

Lemon himself made references to his altered state today on his own Twitter, with fans eagerly wondering if he was really as inebriated as he appeared. Don seemed to be tenderly approaching the topic, perhaps because he was dealing with a post-New Year’s Eve headache. Lemon actually seemed pre-occupied about the death of Natalie Cole than any potential career damage.

drunk Don Lemon hits NYE high for CNN
Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper joined forces to host NYE 2015, but the latter was a little more skilled at holding his liquor. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner)

Of course, an actually drunk Don Lemon at least has an excuse for his missteps. As previously mentioned, he had the worst reputation in news last year — an accomplishment for a time period where Rolling Stone‘s fake campus sexual assault story was headline news. If last night is any indication, it seems there will no shortage of Lemon-isms in 2016.

[Image via Getty Images]