Panda ‘Star Wars’ Stormtroopers Puzzle Answer, Plus The Four-Leaf Clover Pigs Puzzle Answer [Spoilers]

Warning: If you want to find the answer to the panda hiding in a sea of Star Wars characters, keep reading. If you’d like to take more time to find the panda hiding within the group of black and white Star Wars characters, give it another go to find that panda. Either way, the panda hiding among a bunch of Star Wars characters seems a lot easier to find than previous puzzles featuring a panda grouped with snowmen and a cat amongst owls. Although a Hungarian artist started the whole panda hiding within puzzles, the Star Wars panda puzzle wasn’t created by the guy who birthed the other panda puzzles, as reported by the Independent.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Gergely Dudas is the name of the Hungarian artist who came up with a bunch of puzzles featuring a sole panda hiding within puzzle images that have gone viral. Known by the nickname “Dudolf,” it was Dudas’ panda snowmen puzzle that first began going viral on Wednesday, December 16.

[Image via Reddit/Oneste]

Dudolf didn’t immediately post the answers to his viral panda puzzle that began being shared a-plenty on Facebook. As such, folks began searching for the answer to the panda puzzle, with “panda puzzle answer” popping up as a related search term on Twitter.

The viral artist also created a new puzzle in the wake of his panda snowmen puzzle going viral, asking his fans if they could find the cat hiding within a group of owls.

“A cat is hiding amongst these owls! Can you spot it?”

It seemed a harder challenge to find the answer to the puzzle created on Sunday, December 20, 2015. Dudolf asked his blog readers. “Can you spot the cat?” The cat-among-owls puzzle contained a clue given by intrepid puzzle answer seekers when they advised others to check out the noses of the animals.

The Independent notes just how many fans the viral artist has received because of his panda puzzles, and how the answers to the puzzles are a natural next step for those who can’t spot the panda immediately. The owls, and the cat hidden among the owls, seem to blend seamlessly together and make the cat challenging to find.

As of this writing, Duldolf’s original panda-snowmen puzzle has gained nearly 200,000 shares on Facebook, and more than 100,000 Facebook likes. Dudolf also posted a new puzzle on December 30, 2015 at 11:07 a.m., asking fans if they could find a four-leaf clover among a colorful cartoon drawing of pigs that have plenty of three-leaf clovers among the pigs.

“I wish everyone a Happy New Year with this picture! smile emoticon Can you find the four-leaf clover?”

As seen in the photo below, the lucky four-leaf clover is hiding at the top right-hand side of the puzzle.

[Image via Facebook/Dudolf]

Dudolf seemed bowled over by all the attention his panda puzzle with the snowmen attracted.

“Thanks for all the likes, comments and shares my latest drawing got, it’s so unbelievable! You are the best!”

According to the Daily Mail, the panda puzzles are going viral and getting hundreds of thousands of views online. Some folks are admitting to finding the pandas right away, while others admit that it took them longer than they would have liked to find that cute little panda.

The public fascination with pandas, like 4-month-old Bei Bei, the newest baby panda of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, pictured above, likely contributes to the popularity of the panda puzzles. Meanwhile, the whole “spot the panda” puzzle fun has turned into a game of mental and visual acuity.

How quickly can you find the panda among these Star Wars characters?

[Photo by AP Photo/Andrew Harnik]