Wrestling News: Rey Mysterio Working Dream Match Against AJ Styles

In wrestling news, Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles are going to work a dream match during an upcoming United Kingdom tour, according to the official website of 5 Star Wrestling.

When Rey Mysterio started wrestling as a teenager, very few people in the world believed that he would ever get to the top of the mountain, despite how entertaining his style was. Using a high-octane style of wrestling, even more so than the standards set by the luchadores in Mexico, Rey Mysterio was able to make a name for himself and become known globally.

He became so massively popular that Rey Mysterio was able to grab the attention of Paul Heyman, the mad scientist that gave birth to the underground sensation known as ECW. From there, he became one of the more popular stars in a star-studded World Championship Wrestling before doing the unthinkable and winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

AJ Styles barely worked in WCW and never signed up with World Wrestling Entertainment. However, he made a name for himself by being the centerpiece star of an upstart TNA.

To give you an idea of just how well respected AJ Styles is, he is one of the few outside performers that WWE blind loyalist fans do not criticize. That is a very rare group to be in.

AJ Styles
5 Star Wrestling has decided to capitalize on the deepest free agent roster that the independent wrestling circuit has ever seen since the glory days of territories during the 1980s.

Rey Mysterio recently signed with Lucha Underground and is still associated with AAA, but those deals are not exclusive. The masked performer can still book matches for himself.

After leaving TNA, AJ Styles became associated with Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, but he also has the freedom to book himself in outside matches anywhere in the world.

5 Star Wrestling is booking a special three-night tour through the United Kingdom: Newcastle on January 13, Sheffield on January 14, and the finale in Liverpool on January 15.

Due to their popularity and drawing power, AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio are two of the most expensive independent wrestlers on the planet. That’s the beauty of having name value. But while it might be extremely expensive to book the two of them together, promoters are willing to take the risk because they know that this match can draw in major attention for them.

If this strategy works out really well for 5 Star Wrestling, then expect others promoters from around the world to take a risk by booking big-time matches for their local live events.

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle is set to become a free agent in a couple of weeks, and he has publicly stated that while he is leaving TNA, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will no longer be wrestling.

A risk-taking wrestling promoter could easily sign Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio, friends from their days together in World Wrestling Entertainment, to headline a huge show.

Chris Jericho is very loyal to WWE, but he is technically a free agent, which means that a promoter can entice him with a dream match against AJ Styles. That match would be classic.

Like Rey Mysterio, John Morrison is signed to Lucha Underground but he is free to work matches elsewhere. He could easily have entertaining matches with any of these veterans.

A match featuring Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin taking on the Bullet Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) would more than likely help an independent promoter sell out a local show.

Big-time matches can help revitalize the independent wrestling circuit.

[Featured Photo by WWE]