January 1, 2016
‘Gym Wildlife’ YouTube Video Gets 6.3 Million Views, Explores Wild Life Of A Typical Gym Rat [Videos]

To say the video titled "Gym Wildlife" is going viral on YouTube is an understatement. "Gym Wildlife" has swelled to more than 6 million views in the three days since it was uploaded.

Published on December 28 to YouTube, the reason "Gym Wildlife" is likely going so viral is because of the way "Gym Wildlife" accurately portrays the various archetypes found in certain gyms. Especially the gyms that aren't of the Planet Fitness variety, with its "lunk alarm" given to folks who wear booty shorts, grunt too loudly, or have the audacity to show their tummies.

Instead, "Gym Wildlife" focuses on a gym that's more like a bodybuilding box of sorts. "Gym Wildlife" begins as a woman who hasn't worked out in ages saunters into the gym sipping on an extra-sweet coffee drink – a no-no for serious bodybuilders training for fitness competitions – and placing her plethora of stuff on a weight bench that a gym rat is already using.

"The Gym. Millions of homo sapiens frequent this urban wilderness. Today we will take a look into this strange place and show you the gym like you've never seen it before."
Written and filmed like a fake BBC documentary, "Gym Wildlife" is akin to the wildlife documentaries that show how animals behave in the wild. Except in this case, the wild is the gym.

There are the group of guys featured in "Gym Wildlife" who yell and scream and make more noise preparing to push out a set of bench presses than they do actually completing said bench presses. Instead, they end up hugging it out and screaming some more and chest bumping and not actually completing one rep.

"Gym Wildlife" also mocks the type of women in the gym who are proud to show off their breast implants and rock-hard abs and low body fat percentages, but get offended when a man actually hits on them.

The hilarious feature of "Gym Wildlife" is also the portion that shows the older men's segment of the gym's wildlife. These particular "Gym Wildlife" guys have essentially given up on much of the preening and prancing that their younger counterparts enact. Instead, they hang out and laugh in "Gym Wildlife" about old guy stuff.

In the end, "Gym Wildlife" shows just how dirty a gym can end up, when there's gum left on a kettlebell weight, a pair of pants left behind, and crap all over the floor. "Gym Wildlife" shows the drippings of sweat left from gym rats who don't clean up after themselves.

"Gym Wildlife" is such a hit because it touches a nerve with folks who know the various types of gym wildlife up close and personally. "Gym Wildlife" touches on some true-to-life themes of real gyms, and how they can display a sort of camaraderie and segmentation of the workout wildlife found in certain gyms into entertaining segments of people.

On Twitter, the reaction to "Gym Wildlife" shows how much folks are enjoying the video. "Gym Wildlife" seems as though it was created by someone who knows the wildlife found in gyms intimately, and didn't mind laughing at themselves.

Another thing that resonates with viewers about "Gym Wildlife" is the soft-spoken narrator and the writing style that is akin to plenty of wildlife documentaries that feature a human studying animals in their natural habitats.

The fake documentary that is "Gym Wildlife" perfectly makes fun of the gym culture, says Bleacher Report. And with a video thumbnail that displays two busty women in "Gym Life," it's no wonder the documentary is winning plenty of viewing fans.

(AP Photo/Khin Maung Win)