December 31, 2015
Camille Cosby Refuses To Testify Under Oath As To Whether She Provided Sedatives To Husband Bill Cosby

Camille Cosby is refusing to testify under oath in the trial against her husband, Bill Cosby. Camille says she is protected under Massachusetts' spousal disqualification rule, which protects confidential communications between spouses. Seven women accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them claim that as Bill's business manager, Camille should be required to testify since she may have knowledge of evidence relevant to the case. However, Camille takes issue with some of the questions that the women's attorneys plan to ask during the disposition including whether or not Camille provided sedatives to her husband that were used to assault the women. Additionally, Camille says she will not answer demeaning questions about whether or not she knew about Bill's sexual "proclivities."

The Daily Mail reports that Camille Cosby is standing firm in her decision not to testify under oath regarding her husband Bill Cosby's alleged sexual assault against seven women. Camille says she will not testify and that she is protected under Massachusetts' spousal disqualification rule. However, that hasn't stopped the seven alleged victims' attorneys from serving the 71-year-old Camille with a subpoena to testify.

Camille says that she cannot be forced to testify in the case due to Massachusetts' law that says private conversations between husband and wife are confidential. She notes that those communications are private and that the courts are "very clear about husband and wife not having to testify against another or share information from private conversations and says it is nobody's business but her own."

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby files defamation counter-suit against women who accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting them. [Image via AP]

Camille Cosby seems to take issue with the types of questions that the alleged victims' lawyers plan to ask during the disposition. Camille points out that the questions are demeaning and that she refuses to answer them under oath. The questions that are causing Camille discomfort are ones regarding whether or not she provided the sedatives to her husband that were used in the alleged attacks against the seven women. Additionally, questions about whether or not Camille knew about her husband's sexual "proclivities" is something that the wife says should be off limits and between a husband and wife.

In documents submitted to the courts by Camille, she requests that a judge allow her not to sit for the trial due to the fact it would be a "huge burden" on her. She notes that to testify would violate her privacy and that her husband decided not to drag her into the counter-suit to testify and that those wishes should be granted. Camille says the questions are not relevant to the case, as the counter-suit does not involve who provided the sedatives. Instead, it involves the defamation resulting from the fact Cosby says he did not drug the women. Additionally, Camille says whether she knew about her husband's affairs has no bearing on the case and is a private matter.

Camille has maintained that she was not present during any of the alleged illegal sexual encounters and that she did not provide her husband with sedatives. However, she says that she will not testify and does not want to be brought into the counter-suit. However, one of the victims maintains that Camille was present in the home during her encounter and that Bill told her that Camille had likely "gone to bed" when he allegedly drugged and assaulted her. The women claim that though spousal disqualification laws protect private conversations between a husband and wife, they do not protect conversations between a business manager and a client. Therefore, since Camille was Bill's business manager during the time of the alleged incidents, the women feel she should have to testify under oath.

What do you think about Camille Cosby's refusal to testify under oath in the Bill Cosby counter-suit? Do you think the judge will require her to answer the questions since she was Bill's business manager?

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