Louis Tomlinson Accusation Overload Continues With Comedy Club Stunt

Louis Tomlinson is currently in London enjoying some downtime before the annual music industry award season kicks off in the New Year. Today it was claimed that Louis and his pals were “kicked out” of a comedy club in London on Tuesday night. Of course, when it comes to Tomlinson these days, things are rarely what they seem and once again this is a case in point. Louis and his pals, including rumored new girlfriend Danielle Campbell, were certainly out and about in London. The paparazzi were waiting for them everywhere they appeared. You have to wonder how the paparazzi knew that Tomlinson would be attending a private “house party” in the London suburbs at 2 a.m.?

The Sun claimed that One Direction star Tomlinson was “kicked out of a comedy gig” after Louis and his friends were talking too loudly. The Sun’s Dan Wootton says that Louis pals were asked to quieten down by the club’s manager. It seems one of Louis’ pals “took exception to the club’s boss, calling him a “f***ing w*****,” and as a result, he was asked to leave.

Tellingly, the Sun quote an eyewitness who indicated that Louis was not “kicked out” at all.

“Louis tried to intervene, asking the manager sarcastically if he had ‘people skills’, but it fell on deaf ears.

“He [Louis] followed his pals out of the club and didn’t come back. But he did pose for snaps with members of the audience on the way out, seemingly unruffled by what happened.”

A cynic might argue that someone who stops to pose for photographs with fans as he leaves a club is not actually being “kicked out.” The Sun goes on to say that Louis is “partying hard” before he has to take up fatherhood duties in the new year when Briana Jungwirth is due to give birth to baby Tomlinson.

Mr. Wootton also claims that Briana lives in Chicago. Whoops — Briana lives in Los Angeles.

The Daily Mail reports that after leaving the comedy club, Louis and his friends made their way to London’s exclusive Project nightclub before they headed off to the house party in West London. As seems to be the case these days, Louis was something of a poster boy for sportswear giant Adidas during his night out. Tomlinson seems to favor the famous brand every time he gets the opportunity to dress casually.

Intriguingly, the Daily Mail released a short clip of a video on their website that shows Louis and his friends arriving at the house party. The video shows Tomlinson’s party getting out of a car. Louis speaks to a paparazzi photographer and asks him not to photograph him. The photographer seems to agree to Louis’ request.

It is certainly unusual for paparazzi photographers to agree not to photograph celebrities. One would think that grabbing a candid shot of Louis with Danielle would be gold dust to the paps. It may be that Louis’ team leaked his whereabouts to the photographer. If that were the case, fans would be forgiven for thinking that Louis’ big romance is simply a PR stunt, the latest in a long line of One Direction “winter girlfriend” stories.

The press seems to be struggling with how to portray Tomlinson at present. Recent weeks have seen Louis painted as “a loveable rogue,” a “deadbeat dad,” a “serial philanderer,” and as hard partying and out of control. One thing is for sure, Tomlinson has lost weight, and he looks tired. A break from all the media attention may just be what Louis Tomlinson needs as he welcomes in the New Year.

One Direction fans are betting that tomorrow’s papers will feature Tomlinson is a “passionate” kiss with Danielle Campbell.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]