President Obama To Jerry Seinfeld In ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’: ‘I Always Wanted To Be On A Show About Nothing’ [Full 19-Minute Video]

According to Alexa, Jerry Seinfeld’s new season of his popular online show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a hit – all because President Barack Obama became the first guest of Seinfeld for the Season 7, Episode 1 show. Is that a FitBit President Obama wears as he slings his wrist over the steering wheel, or a Movado watch? GQ says FitBit.

The viral episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee featuring President Obama begins with Seinfeld peeking into the Oval Office and shows Obama beckoning Jerry to use the door to enter the White House. This is after the president is heard answering the phone at the White House, with Seinfeld becoming amused at how easy it was to cut through all the “red tape” and speak with President Obama directly.

Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has grown in popularity after Jerry admitted that he couldn’t get regular TV producers to buy into the concept, even after the runaway success of Seinfeld’s show.

Taking the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee concept online, Seinfeld found a whole slew of viewers who loved the idea of getting comedians together to simply go for a drive with Jerry and talk. Seinfeld admitted that President Obama’s jokes at various White House Correspondence Dinners qualified the president just enough to appear on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

The new episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee featured Jerry speeding onto the White House property to grab the president and try and take him off the White House grounds. This is after Seinfeld slumps on the sofa in the White House, the same way Jerry might have slumped on one of the couches of his friends on Seinfeld. Jerry takes a bite of an apple then asks President Obama if the apple has been washed, something that makes them both laugh. When Seinfeld nearly leaves the bitten apple on the table, President Obama tells Jerry he’s got to remove the apple and take it with him.

President Obama and Seinfeld met at the White House in November to film the bit. During the conversation, the duo speak about everything from what it felt like to sleep in the White House the first night to favorite presidents.

Mr. Obama waxed nostalgic in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee over presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, who disappeared for a month into nature during his presidential term, a feat that President Obama seemed to envy since it would be a near impossibility to recreate in 2015.

“For the premiere episode of Season 7, Jerry takes President Barack Obama for a spin in a 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe but finds it hard to spirit the leader of the free world off the White House grounds.”

When Jerry tells the president to speak to the guard about letting them off the grounds of the White House, he quips, “Just tell him you’re the president.”

It’s a request that gets denied, and Seinfeld scolds Mr. Obama, telling him he didn’t sell it good enough.

President Obama slides in a promo about Obamacare and guilts Jerry into hardly letting him feature his healthcare program. Mr. Obama gets behind the wheel of the 1963 Corvette Stingray at the heart of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and tells Jerry that he knows how to drive. It’s a beauty of a car that Seinfeld says astronauts used to drive.

President Obama admits to seeing a relative drive one many years ago, and that’s when the president promised himself he’d drive a similar one someday.

Meanwhile, as reported by the Guardian, folks are buzzing about President Obama crying over Aretha Franklin’s performance of her hit song “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” at the 38th Annual Kennedy Center Honors.

[Photo by Evan Vucci/AP]