Wanna Get Rid Of Donald Trump? Here’s How You Can ‘Suffocate’ Him

Just recently, an app that filters any mention of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on people’s newsfeed made its debut. Now, it seems that some people also wish to delete Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump from the Internet, as a new Google Chrome extension that promises to eliminate all references to the outspoken businessman has been created.

Dubbed as the “Trump Filter,” the Google Chrome extension will filter all Trump-related articles while users surf the Internet.

The extension is described as “part of the antidote for this toxic candidacy.” The extension will identify parts of a web page that contain Donald Trump and remove them from the Internet, according to the creator’s description on his Trump Filter website.

Developed and created by Brooklyn-based Rob Spectre, the extension launched on December 20.

“Eliminate Donald Trump from all your web browsing without leaving the Internet. Donald simply disappears from your view of every web page,” Spectre wrote on his website. “Simply install the Chrome extension through the Chrome Web Store and you’ll never have to see Donald Trump on the Internet again.”

Spectre said limiting Trump’s online presence is the only way to deflate the business tycoon’s popularity.

“In a political atmosphere where ascendance can be manufactured through attention, the only way to deflate Trump’s political star is through suffocation. Trump can only lose if we turn off the TV.”

Speaking to CNN Money about the extension, Spectre said he developed the extension in an attempt to shift people’s focus from Trump to the real issues in the U.S. and to help citizens learn more about the other presidential candidates.

“I hope folks will take this opportunity to learn more about the wide field of candidates out there.”

Users can set their Trump Filter to one of three levels that indicates how much on wants to stay away from Trump: mild, aggressive, and vindictive.

Spectre said he was not commissioned by anyone to develop the Google Chrome add-on but claimed he was doing it out of pure “annoyance and patriotic duty.” Unfortunately, the filter cannot block Trump from people’s television. Spectre continued to lament:

“Tragically, Trump Filter cannot be installed on your television. However, we hope that enough installs will be a strong signal to the international media that America is ready to move on from this inveterate jackass.”

The Trump Filter developer added that the add-on is free of charge.

Richard Spencer, founder and editor of Radix Journal has thrown his opinion on the use of the Trump filter, saying he thinks it is not a form of censorship, as users are free to decide whether or not they want to block any mention of The Donald.

Spencer sees the Trump Filter as some kind of “metaphor for their desire” because the business mogul and reality star has no reservations expressing his opinion regardless of how sensitive the topic may be:

“I think this is more interesting on a physiological level as the media establishment just wants Trump to go away. I think this Chrome extension is a kind of metaphor for their desire because he is bringing things into politics that people don’t want to talk about and don’t want to deal with.”

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[Image by Justin Sullivan, Getty Images]