Jill Duggar Dillard Stressed Out In Central America? Pics Of Screaming Baby Israel Posted On Dillard Family Blog

Jill Dillard is currently in Central America with her husband Derick and eight-month-old son, Israel. The couple recently appeared in a three part TLC special, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, revealing that living abroad is not easy with an infant.

During an episode of Counting On, Jill admitted that she would like to have her sisters in Central America to help with the baby. In the video clip below, Israel tries to get Jill’s undivided attention as he wiggles around during her in-home Spanish class. The former 19 Kids and Counting star calls her son “a distraction” while she attempts to hold him and listen to her instructor.

Is Jill finding it stressful to care for her child alone while her husband goes to language school outside of their home? Recent photos posted to the Dillard Family Blog show baby Israel screaming while lying in the middle of the Dillard’s bed wrapped in a blanket.

If Jill was using the swaddle technique to keep Israel calm, it surely backfired. The baby does not appear to enjoy the restrictive wrap, and while it was probably comforting when he was a newborn, it’s clearly uncomfortable for the almost-nine-month-old child.

israel dillard
Israel Dillard surrounded by Christmas toys [Image via Derick Dillard/Instagram]
Jill and Derick typically post photos and videos that show Israel smiling and crawling like a normal, curious infant and give updates to their fans about life in Central America with the baby. Now the couple is taking some heat for not only bundling their baby up like a burrito and leaving him on the bed while they snapped pics of him crying, but for a photo on Derick’s Instagram page (above) of Israel with a bruised eye.

It is not known how long Jill and Derick will be staying in Central America. Their original intent was to become missionaries during their first trip abroad, with Derick writing on their blog that they were commissioned by the Cross Baptist Churt to go to the “mission field.”

After a brief trip home to attend Amy Duggar and Dillon King’s wedding in the fall, the couple returned to Central America with their son, but were unable to do any mission work. According to the International Mission Board (IMB), an organization that is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Dillards do not meet the lengthy list of qualifications needed to be approved as missionaries.

TLC filmed part of their stay in Central America for the recently aired show Counting On, initially under the guise of showing viewers how the couple’s missionary work was going. Now that they are only taking language classes and the show is over, it is not known what they will do next.

There have been rumblings that Jill and Jessa’s show will continue into a full season next year despite the boycotts from groups who tried to convince the network to keep the entire Duggar family off the air.

While the supporters of the Duggar, Dillard, and Seewald families continue to rally for the entire family to return to television, TV by the Numbers reports that ratings declined on the two episodes that followed the Counting On premiere.

What are your thoughts about the photos of Israel Dillard?

[Photo via TLC/Discovery Communications]