Louis Tomlinson Booted Out Of Comedy Club As One Direction Reveal Who They’d Like To Party With

“Cheerleader” hitmaker OMI, Elvis Presley, and “Fergalicious” singer Fergie have made the cut of celebrities One Direction would like to bring in the New Year with. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan spoke about performing for the Ryan Seacrest New Year special in a video posted on the Hollywood Life channel (watch below).

The guys also spoke about their New Year’s Eve habits, with Liam Payne reflecting that an early night sounds good to him and party-animal pal Louis Tomlinson countering that that sounds like a “terrible way to bring in the new year!”

It’s been a big year for the One Direction guys. First bandmate Zayn Malik left the group, then Louis Tomlinson discovered that he is going to be a father, as reported by the Mirror. The guys traveled the world performing countless gigs as part of their successful On The Road Again tour, penned more songs than ever as they contributed to record-smashing album Made In The A.M., and saw off several long-term girlfriends between them (Zayn, Louis, and Liam all lost long-term partners this year, with Liam Payne’s breakup from Sophia Smith hitting headlines most recently, as reported by the Daily Mail).

The One Direction boys still found time to fit some partying into their busy schedules, with Louis especially often spotted in cheerful, manic states as he roamed the streets and boozy venues of the cities where the One Direction guys found themselves.

The Sun is now reporting that Louis Tomlinson and his entourage of friends were kicked out of a comedy club last night after Louis’ friend mouthed off at some of the staff. It seems Louis, actress girlfriend Danielle Campbell, and some other friends were chatting loudly at the bar while a stand-up routine was still wrapping up. The group was confronted by the boss of the venue, and that was when Louis’ mate reportedly let loose.

“Louis and his mates got in the club just before the end of a stand-up routine at 8pm and gathered by the bar, but everyone in the club could hear them.

“After they were told off and his pal swore at the boss, he sent them packing, which was met with ironic cheers from the crowd.”

The Sun previously reported that Louis Tomlinson was kicked out of a hotel during a wild night of partying in October. The publication is also responsible for releasing the infamous “Downfall of One Direction” article, in which Dan Wooton claims that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson had a falling out and now cannot bear to be near each other.

The new report claims that Louis stayed “unruffled” as his friend caused some drama and the comedy club manager asked the group to leave. Sassy Tomlinson even reportedly chided the comedy club boss for his poor “people skills” and stayed composed enough to pose for a photo with some audience members on his way out.

“Louis tried to intervene, asking the manager sarcastically if he had ‘people skills’, but it fell on deaf ears.

“He followed his pals out of the club and didn’t come back. But he did pose for snaps with members of the audience on the way out, seemingly unruffled by what happened.”

Louis Tomlinson sparked girlfriend rumors when he spent time in Chicago with actress Danielle recently, even reportedly meeting the American brunette’s parents and brother. Danielle has now flown to the U.K. to be with Louis and will reportedly celebrate New Year’s Eve with the One Direction star.

Fans were happy to see snaps of Louis after the incident at the comedy venue, still partying and looking happy and relaxed as he posed for photographs at some other venues.

One Direction will take a break for 18 months and have promised fans they will be back as a four-piece in 2017. Louis Tomlinson has revealed that he may appear as a judge on The X Factor in 2016 if he is invited by Syco boss Simon Cowell.

Has it been a big year for One Direction? Did Louis Tomlinson handle the comedy club altercation well?

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)