New Year’s Eve Nail Art: From Glitter To Shattered To Even Geeky Nails

You may have your outfit, accessories, and hairstyle planned for New Year’s Eve, but you can’t forget about your nails. Whether you’re dancing the night away or watching the ball drop with your friends and family, it’s always fun to decorate your nails for the holidays. Fortunately, there are nail art designs that fit every woman’s style and personality.

Geeky New Year’s Eve Nail Art

There’s an easy way to geek up your nails. You can ring in the New Year with the adorable droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Paint BB-8 on one or a few of your nails with the droid’s signature orange and white colors that will stand out to other fans. Then paint your nails various colors or leave them bare.

Other geeky nail art designs you can try include Doctor Who, the Legend of Zelda, My Neighbor Totoro, and Pokémon nails.

Glittery New Year’s Eve Nail Art

Maybe you’re the type of woman who wants to something a little more festive. YouTube beauty vloggers have been sharing their favorite nail art designs for New Year’s Eve. Jessie Mills and Hannah Weir love wearing New Year’s Eve fireworks, champagne bottles, and clocks on their nails.

If you want something that’s a little more sparkly, then you can create a gradient glitter nail. Paint gold and pink glitter polish onto a makeup sponge before dabbing it onto your nails. To prevent the polish from spreading everywhere, coat your cuticles with nail polish remover or a cleanup product.

Other chic nail designs for New Year’s Eve include ombre nails, bejeweled nails, silver and gold nails, blue glitter nails, galaxy nails, mirrored/prismatic/metallic nails, snowflakes, cable knit nails, or sequined nails.

Shattered glass nails are one of the must-have nail designs for New Year’s Eve, according to the Observer. This look has been trending all over Instagram. This nail was originally created by Korean nail artist Park Eun Kyung, which is made evidenced by her ever-growing Instagram page. Read on to find out how she created this strange and beautiful look.

“To create this look, she made holographic paper into stickers, although many salons still hand-cut the paper, which looks like an abalone shell you would find at the beach.”

Those who live in New York can go to Vanity Projects and Akiko Nails to get the look. Otherwise, you can check out Park’s Instagram page or check out some of the YouTube tutorials below.

Miscellaneous Festive Nail Art

Want something a little different? Then try the Golden Half Moon nail, which adds a little hint of sparkle to your nails. One easy trend to try is this design from Forbes, which is called All Wrapped Up. First, apply a thin coat of white polish over your nail. Wait for 30 seconds and then repeat for full coverage. Then fill in the half of the nail with green glitter polish.

Another easy look you can pull off is called Deck the Halls. Sure it sounds rather Christmassy but this something you can pull of well into New Year’s. Apply a base coat, then two coats of deep red polish like JINsoon Opulence. Then dab gold glitter polish (or JINsoon Glace) above the cuticle area until achieve the desired look and then finish your look with a top coat.

Another look you can try is the appropriately titled Ball Drop. First, apply a base coat to your nails then apply two coats of JINsoon Heirloom. Dab JINsoon Fete topping on top of your polish, then finish your look with a top coat. If you’re confused on any of these nail art designs, then check out the photos on Forbes.

Which of these New Year’s Eve nail art designs are you going to try out? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images for Vogue]