Bill Cosby Charged: Watch Gloria Allred Hold Live Press Conference [Videos, Photos]

(The live stream event has ended, but will resume when additional coverage of Bill Cosby continues). You may view Bill Cosby’s arraignment in the video below.

On Dec. 30, Bill Cosby, 78, was charged with aggravated indecent assault in the case against victim Andrea Constand. First Assistant District Attorney for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Kevin Steele spoke to the public during a press conference where he announced the charges against Bill Cosby.

“We are here to announce today charges that have just been filed against William Henry Cosby. These charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at Mr. Cosby’s home in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County.

“Mr. Cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. This is a felony of the first degree. Mr. Cosby’s attorney has been notified of the charges, and he is expected to be arraigned later this afternoon.

“These charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at Mr. Cosby’s home in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County. Mr. Cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault.”

You may watch that press conference below.

According to N.J. Com, Bill Cosby served as a mentor to the Temple University student who alleges the comedian and actor sexually assaulted her in 2004. A criminal complaint was filed on Dec. 30; however, this wasn’t the first time that Andrea Constand spoke out against Bill Cosby, or made her allegations heard. Because she had first reported the alleged assault that she says took place in Bill Cosby’s residence in 2005, the case falls within the statute of limitations. This is the first time Bill Cosby has been charged in connection to the sexual abuse allegations made against him.

Gloria Allred, who represents a large number of Bill Cosby’s accusers, spoke live during a press conference regarding the charges. You may read the charges against Bill Cosby in the criminal complaint filed against him here: Bill Cosby Charged: Read Criminal Complaint. Gloria Allred described the charges against Bill Cosby as the biggest celebrity criminal case of all time.

Speaking to CNN, Gloria Allred shared her reaction when she heard the news that Bill Cosby had been charged.

“Well, this has been a very long process. This has been a journey towards justice. I’m very proud of Andrea. I don’t represent her, but I know that her attorney and she has shown quite a bit of courage in all of this, as have my 29 clients.

We have one lawsuit. We are continuing to proceed with that lawsuit on behalf of Judy Huth against Mr. Cosby. We did take his deposition in October. There’s a protective order on it. I don’t know how long that will last. That will be up to the judge.”

Bill Cosby appeared at an Elkins Park, Pennsylvania courthouse where he attended a preliminary arraignment. He was released on $1 million bail and was required to surrender his passport to the court. A trial is now pending. Bill Cosby’s next hearing is set for January 14.

[Photo by Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images]