Horror Cruise: Carnival Ecstasy Passenger Captures Video Of Blood Pouring From Elevator As Worker Is Crushed To Death [Video]

Warning: Content is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all viewers.

A Carnival Cruise ship passenger, Matt Davis, says a post-Christmas cruise out of Miami turned into a “nightmare after Christmas” as a cruise ship worker was crushed to death by an elevator, sending a waterfall of blood onto the deck 10 elevator waiting area. The scene was described by the family as something from the horror flick The Shining, noting they were later informed that an electrician working on the elevator had been crushed to death.

The Daily Mail reports that Matt Davis took his family on a last-minute holiday cruise aboard the Carnival Ecstasy, but that the cruise ended in horror as the family witnessed a waterfall of blood streaming down one of the cruise ship elevators after an employee was crushed to death. Davis was headed to dinner on deck 10 of the Carnival Ecstasy when he says he came across a horrifying sight. The man says that blood was pouring down the elevator, leaving guests startled below. The blood continued to pour down as Davis got out his video camera to capture the horrific moment.

Fox 4 spoke with the family after the cruise and with Carnival Cruise Lines to determine exactly what happened on the fated post-Christmas cruise. Davis explained that when the blood began pouring out of the walls, a man was trapped inside of the elevator. As the blood waterfall continued to flow down, the elevator doors were unable to fully open. Therefore, the man inside allegedly was forced to run through the streams of blood in order to escape.

“To look and see the elevator with just blood coming down like a sheet, and not stopping… it was a real life scene of The Shining.”

Davis says that the sound of the accident was eerie, in that it sounded like rainfall, only it wasn’t rain dripping down the elevator doors, it was blood. They noted that the hallway smelled of blood and that a tarp was placed over the elevator with a sign that read “Sorry, but I am not working at the moment.”

Though the family didn’t initially know what had happened regarding the bloody elevator, they say they were later told that a worker was “injured” in an accident. However, they later learned that 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo, a Carnival Cruise electrician, had been killed in the accident.

Carnival Cruise Lines says that authorities have been notified about the accident, and that a full investigation into what caused the electrician’s death is underway.

“The company extends its heartfelt sympathy to the family and loved ones of our team member. Our CareTeam is providing support. Appropriate authorities have been notified and a full investigation into the cause of the accident is underway.”

Though Carnival has contacted authorities, it is unknown if further sailings were affected by the accident as the company has not responded to inquiries about the status of the ship. However, some are requesting details on exactly what type of cleaning protocol the company will follow for cleaning the ship, as well as inquires about how the company will ensure similar incidents do not happen in the future.

What do you think about Carnival Cruise Lines response to the employee’s death in the Carnival Ecstasy elevator?

[Image via Twitter/Lisa Greenberg]