Hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words Takes Over Twitter As People Prepare For New Year’s Resolutions [Videos, Photos]

The hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words has quickly taken over Twitter, along with the hashtag #HappyNewYear, as people prepare for New Year’s and the customary process of making resolutions. Resolutions are a time to sit back and reflect upon areas of the previous year that you feel could change or improve. However, this is not a time for self-shaming or beating yourself up if the previous year did not go exactly as planned. While some people are using the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words to share positive ideas, others have simply given up and have responded with five words such as “Resolutions Not Going To Happen.”

No matter what the previous year entailed, New Year’s is a time to embrace the freshness of new beginnings. There is always time to change, and if you mess up with a New Year’s resolution, there is no reason you can’t try again throughout the year. Many reasons why people fail to complete their New Year resolutions is they don’t accommodate for the time it takes to break a habit. Studies have shown that it can take up to 21 days to successfully break a habit. Give yourself the time needed to actually change behavior and give your New Year’s resolutions a chance to succeed. Although it might seem difficult to change your habits and complete your resolutions, it can be done. Dr. Roy Baumeister, a psychologist at Florida State University, has studied habits and how they are formed and break and offers a positive outlook.

“Humans are much better than any other animal at changing and orienting our behavior toward long-term goals, or long-term benefits.”

He described self control as a muscle that gets stronger with exercise, in a News in Health release.

Now that it’s clear bad habits can be broken and resolutions can successfully be kept, we’d like to share some of our favorite resolutions as shared with the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words and offer one of our own: “Never Give Up On Yourself.”

Our first choice for the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words is “Be The Reason Someone Smiles.”

This is a wonderful resolution that has the power to easily transform someone’s outlook from negative to positive. You could accomplish this in little ways, simply by looking for things to do for others that promote kindness. You could also embrace this as a life-altering course where you focus your energy on bringing joy to a situation rather than engage in stress and arguments. However it is accomplished, it is a wonderful resolution for New Year’s.

The Science Channel also participated in the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words and shared their own wonderful resolution: “Learn Something New Every Day.” This is an excellent resolution as you are never too old to keep learning. Some people feel that once they leave the school room behind, they never have to learn again. Life is an adventure, and there is always an opportunity to learn.

The next resolution is a wonderful reminder that life is short, and although we may carefully plan and prepare for important moments, we can’t forget to stop and actually enjoy ourselves. Sometimes resolutions aren’t about making changes or breaking bad habits but about slowing down and appreciating what we have.

The San Diego Zoo shared a tweet with an important reminder that in 2016, we should be vigilant in our efforts to conserve and care for planet Earth.

Our next pick reminds us that it isn’t enough to focus on ourselves and care for the environment, but we must also treat our fellow brothers and sisters with kindness, compassion, and love. If everyone worked on being kinder and more compassionate to each other, the world would see an incredible change. It is a simple reminder to “Be Excellent To Each Other.”

What do you think of this list? Do you have your own resolution for the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionIn5Words?

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]