Did Zhang Ziyi Engage In ‘Birth Tourism’ And Hide Her Pregnancy To Give Birth In United States?

Zhang Ziyi, who rose to fame in her role as Jiao Long in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, has lost her appeal in her case against a Taiwanese tabloid. International Business Times reports that the Taiwan High Court has passed down a rejection of Zhang’s appeal in an aggravated defamation case that she originally filed in 2012. Zhang filed the lawsuit when Next Magazine reported that she had been paid NT 3.2 billion to engage in a sexual relationship with Bo Xilai and other officials of high rank.

But at least Zhang Ziyi has a bright spot in her life, one that will outshine everything else. ABC reports that Zhang posted a picture on her Weibo account of two adult hands holding the hand of a baby. The caption on the Chinese microblogging site said it all.

“December 27th, 2015, you, me, her… With the birth of this little life, we have our own family. Everything went safely and smoothly. Infinite gratitude!”

The photo was also posted on Instagram.

According to E! Online, Zhang Ziyi’s fiancé, Wang Feng, also posted an announcement on his Weibo account.

“The dust settles, spring begins and flowers bloom.”

Apparently, the sometimes controversial celebrity who is a resident of Hong Kong gave birth to her daughter in the U.S., which might bring about criticism from her home country because this means the baby will able to enjoy U.S. citizenship. The controversy lies in the practice of traveling at the time of a child’s birth, known as birth tourism, which has been growing in popularity. The child can become the citizen of the country in which he or she is born, and can later sponsor the parent’s citizenship.

Zhang Ziyi and Feng were very hush-hush about the pregnancy throughout 2015, but rumors circulated quite early on.

Yibida reported in August that Zhang appeared at a press conference for her new movie, Oh My God. She attended the press conference along with her co-stars and appeared pregnant, but then so did female co-star Jiang Wen. The press and fans were told that both women were wearing prosthetics, but perhaps Wen donned one to help Zhang cover up her pregnancy.

The Malay Online reported in September, the director of Oh My God, Wei Nan, let slip that Zhang Ziyi was pregnant. Perhaps that was a big oops on his part.

“Actually, we don’t know exactly when she got pregnant. And it’s not just her! Half the cast in the film are pregnant! The film title is ‘Oh My God,’ and whoever joins the team gets pregnant!”

Then in October, Zhang Ziyi posted a picture on Weibo showing herself in a loose-fitting dress and posing with the music group BigBang.

She captioned the original photos as an offering of husbands.

“Husbands up for grabs. Bang Bang Bang.”

However, there was more focus on her dress and what was underneath it than on the BigBang members. Unidentified sources said at the time that Zhang was due in December and was planning to have the baby in Los Angeles. Apparently, they were right!

Well, even if Zhang Ziyi tried to hide her pregnancy for as long as possible, who can blame her? It’s a very private thing to share and some celebrities are very private people – or at least try to be. Enjoy your new bundle of joy, Zhang Ziyi!

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]