Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Chip Kelly Could Replace Jason Garrett, But It Will Be Expensive

Three seasons and just one playoff appearance was enough for the Philadelphia Eagles to fire head coach Chip Kelly. His name has already landed in the middle of rumors for a number of teams in both the NFL and college ranks. Well, after a lackluster season that was nothing like what they were expecting, it’s possible that the Dallas Cowboys could look for Kelly to replace Jason Garrett, but it’s going to cost them.

On Tuesday, the Eagles made the official announcement of Kelly’s firing, per USA Today. Kelly went 6-9 in his final season and was 26-21 overall during his tenure in Philly, and Eagles CEO and chairman Jeff Lurie simply said it was time.

“We appreciate all the contributions that Chip Kelly made and wish him every success going forward.”

In his first two seasons, Kelly went 10-6 in both of them and landed in the playoffs in 2013. The Eagles lost in the Wild Card round, and missed the playoffs in 2014. This year has been a total mess and nothing like anyone thought would be coming.

The same can be said for the Dallas Cowboys who will end up last in the NFC East with a record of 4-11 and one game left to play. It’s led many to think that head coach Jason Garrett could soon be on his way out, but would the Cowboys really replace him with Kelly?

Dallas Cowboys rumors Jason Garrett Chip Kelly

Getting rid of Garrett is a true possibility, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has already called out the coaching staff this season for their losses. Jones could very well end up firing Garrett after this week’s season finale, but NBC Sports says that it won’t be cheap.

Last year, Garrett signed a five-year contract with the Cowboys that was worth a whopping $30 million. He still has four years left on that deal and if the Cowboys were to fire him now, then it would cost Jerry Jones a buyout of $24 million.

Yes, the Cowboys would get money for whatever Garrett may earn coaching elsewhere or maybe even as a TV analyst. On the other hand, if Garrett wanted to do nothing for the next four years if he is fired, then he could do that and earn $6 million annually.

Firing Jason Garrett isn’t necessarily the smartest or most logical option, but this is Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys that are being talked about. If they want to win and feel Garrett can’t do it, then say goodbye to that money.

Dallas Cowboys rumors Sean Payton

If Chip Kelly isn’t someone that the Cowboys end up having an interest in, then there’s always Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints. Payton is still under contract with the Saints for two more years, but after the season finale, teams are expected to inquire about him.

The Dallas Cowboys could be one of them.

Payton has been rumored to head to Dallas for months now as Inquisitr reported back in November that talk was rumbling about him replacing Garrett. The thing is, if the Saints do decide to “trade” Payton away, then it would cost any team a pretty penny.

There is talk that it could easily cost any team wanting to land Payton at least one and possibly two first-round draft picks. That’s just for starters. If the Cowboys are already losing $24 million on firing Jason Garrett, then they likely won’t want to give up high draft picks too.

Chip Kelly, on the other hand, could be gotten for nothing but whatever deal is made with him.

The Dallas Cowboys may end up going into the 2016 season with Jason Garrett as their head coach. That’s a true possibility, but the rumors are at least there and in place that former Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly could be in contention to bring his fast-paced offense to Big D.

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