The Secret World Early Access Starts Today

Daniel McCall

If you've put in your pre-order for The Secret World, today developer Funcom is opening the MMO's digital doors for the promised early access period.

The Secret World isn't set to launch until July 3, but those who pre-orderd the game are able to get in early. The good thing is, that offer is still valid--if you pre-order before the July 3 release date, you'll be able to access the game right away.

"With 'The Secret World' we are showing gamers as well as the gaming industry that MMOs can be taken into new, exciting directions and that innovation in this genre is definitely not dead," Funcom SVP of marketing Morten Larssen said in a press release.

"Judging from the fantastic feedback we have already received from hundreds of thousands of beta testers, innovation is clearly the way forward and Funcom is excited to be breaking new ground."

Our very own Wolff Bachner has had the opportunity to try outThe Secret World in its various stages of development, and his impressions paint a pretty positive picture for Funcom's latest MMO. Of particular interest, at least to me, is the combat system and character customization options. If you want to run around with a sword and a gun, you can totally do that.

So, what about you? Are you interested in trying out The Secret World?